Monday, December 12, 2011

Sonic Man Presents... "On the Road to Winter*Con 2011!"

Sonic Man shares his first video log about his time at Winter*Con 2011, at El Paso's most historical hotel, the Camino Real.

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Well, Winter*Con came and went, and while I wasn't originally there to shoot an episode of Aspect Ratio, interview convention guests or the general public, I did manage to videotape my time at Winter*Con and had a great time, spending a Saturday, with friends at the Camino Real Hotel, while donning my Class A Orkan Uniform and attending a convention for the sake of just hanging out with friends, and being greeted by fellow cosplayers.

Photo taken Thursday, December 8, 2011.

Although we were running just a little bit late, that didn't stop my friends, Jessica, Desiree and I from enjoying ourselves at this year's Winter*Con. It reminded me of the last anime convention that I truly enjoyed: EPAC '09, at the UTEP Union East Building for the simple fact that it was a mini-vacation, time away from home and a good excuse to put on a spandex-based outfit and have people say how cool I looked in my original creation. However, this does not mean that I do not like covering conventions for the blog, after all, I have added this article as a tie-in to my video log.

However, I can safely say that Winter*Con is evolving into a better event. For one, badge pickup this year didn't take long, the game room was hosted by the 8-Bit Fix team, and I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by Salvador Arellano, Andy Lawless, (Frank N'Con) Jon and Hugo of Project 4 Studios, Kevin Smith and Andy Castellanos (Las Cruces Anime Days) at Winter*Con for the simple fact that there was a time when having outside organizations like these at an anime convention in El Paso didn't happen at all.

Although Castellanos and Arellano were promoting their events, it warms my heart seeing them together at a local event, like Winter*Con because whether you're an artist, or the head organizer of an event, everyone has their place at an anime convention. Heck, it was even sweeter seeing local comic book authors selling not manga, but western comics at this year's Winter*Con!

In summation, Winter*Con was both a delight and fun, and I hope to see everyone again at next year's Winter*Con!

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