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MAS's Rants in under 500 Words: Death of the Blue Bomber

How is it going everyone? I’m MAS8705 and we are here to pay our respects to a gaming icon that has seems to have been killed off by the very company he has represented for almost 20 years.

This tombstone was generated from jjchandler, there also do street signs, warning labels and warning signs (Giving credit where credit is due). Anyway, one can only hope that megaman will still get a game in the future, but considering everything that has happened last week, Capcom pretty much just killed megaman. So bow your heads, & silence your cell phones, we are going to pay our respects to the blue bomber.

*start the count…*

It seems only yesterday Megaman 10 was released (March 2010), and everyone was enjoying old-school platforming on current gen games. It was more or less about this time when we got word that Capcom announced “Megaman Universe” and one month later, Marvel vs Capcom 3. When Capcom announced the first few characters, Mega Man was strangely not mentioned, but chances were that they were going to build up the suspense. During the time we waited, (September 16) we got word of Tron’s inclusion into Marvel vs Capcom 3, and two weeks later, another Megaman game was coming, Mega Man Legends 3 for the 3DS. Tons of people were excited because this was going to be the latest “Legends” game in over 10 years and a demo would come out at the same time when the handheld launched.

Everything was looking good for Mega Man, or so it seemed before October 29 2010, when everything would change forever (or at least the position of “Research & development and online business and global head of production for Capcom”) as the creator of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune leaves Capcom. At first, no one thought much of it, after all, two weeks later, Zero gets confirmed for Marvel vs Capcom 3, so Mega Man’s chances were still there to get added, right? Well… this is when our story begins to turn into a tragedy.

By the end of January, two weeks before the Marvel vs Capcom 3 is released, the last two characters are announced, and while Tron and Zero get added, no variation of Mega Man was; he was excluded from the game due to “not retaining his original character anymore”. [link]

At least Legends 3 prototype was soon right? Well, when the 3DS launched, prototype was nowhere to be seen. It also didn’t help with the fact that a few days after the 3DS got launched, Mega Man Universe got canceled due to “Various Circumstances” (one guess from many people was “the game looks ugly.”

Again, notice Keiji saying all the good things about this game and since he left, this got canned. May 20th, we finally get word that Megaman Legend 3 Prototype got delayed (took long enough) and that is basically the last we hear from this game. Fast forward to last week, and we not only find out the Megaman Legends 3 gets cancelled due to “lack of support” (You, the fans just didn’t want the game enough! *disabling sarcasm mode*), but Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 get announced, new characters are leaked a day later, and still nothing mentioned about any plans for Mega Man; Has Capcom really forsaken their Main Mascot? Will we ever see Mega man again? Time will tell, but facts are facts: Until we get word of a new Mega Man game (which will hopefully be sooner than we think), Mega Man is officially dead. I’m MAS8705 and that was my (hopefully temporary) obituary in under 500 words.

Word Count: 495

Ending Comments: I wonder if Blue has become an unlucky color in the world of video games, next time we talk about the decline of another “Blue” character. You guys should know exactly who I’m talking about.

Also I would have given hello kitty x street fighter a mention as merchandise, but considering how some people got offended by it (and calling me an idiot for bringing it up) I left it out of the rant, but I’ll at least give it a special mention and post hello kitty dressed as Chung-Li.

See you next time…

Monday, July 25, 2011

Gaze Into My Crystal Bird

My latest article for 8bitfix. Is the future of gaming truly mobile? Or is that just for the birds?

Check it out at: http://www.8bitfix.com/content/gaze-into-my-crystal-bird-2555/

[Anime of the Week] Demon King Daimaou (7/24-30/2011)

[previous AOW]
You can watch this anime subbed for free on ANN :)

Runtime: 24min/ep
# of Eps: 12
Type: original
Rating: OT
The story of "love, magic, and battles" revolves around Akuto Sai, a boy who aims to become part of his country's highest order of magicians and contribute to society. On the day he is admitted into the Constant Magical Academy, his aptitude test predicts the following: "Future Occupation … Devil King." Thus begins his difficult school life in which he is resented by his studious female class head, desired by a girl with mysterious powers, and guarded by a beautiful female android.

Shiro 4koma #2- Megaman 3 Cancelled

Step 1, click to Read the 4koma:
Step 2, read this commentary:

Cyberpunkish here, with another 4Koma commentary.

I guess it’s kind of a given to tell you folks that the recent cancellation news hit me pretty hard. I’ve been a hardcore Megaman fan since I was 2. My parents had just bought a NES after I was born (The 80’s, for those that don’t know) and they had many games on it. I had beaten Super Mario Brothers when I was 2, or so my mother says. I was too young to remember myself. Among the games they had, the main ones I would play throughout childhood were Metroid, Super Mario Bros, Excite Bike, ect. Ect.

One day they brought home a little game called Megaman 2. I believe I was about… 5, give or take, and when I popped that game in I was GONE. Sun up to sun down I was in the Mega-zone. Even when I started school, all I did was talk about Megaman. Go home, play Megaman. Take my bath and play Megaman. So yeah, when I say I grew up with the Blue Bomber, I mean it.

When I heard that Rockman Legends 3 was coming to the 3DS I fangazmed all over the place. Participated in the Dev Room blogs, shared fun links on Facebook, did some Fan art… Man. I just KNEW there was nothing that would prevent this game from taking off. The community had spoken. THIS WOULD HAPPEN!

Or not…

I still hope against hope that someone, somewhere, will decide “Hey… Remember how we canceled Dash 3? What if… now hear me out on this… what if… we didn’t…”

Someday… Someday…

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Aspect Ratio - an Interview with Zach Chenoweth

Welcome to the first episode of Ruben Rascon III's new video interview series. Here, Ruben interviews Fal-Con 2011 founder Zach Chenowith.

For more information on Fal-Con 2011, click this link.

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Turn Off That Loud Anime!

Wow, this has only been my second article for Augmented Reality?

It’s amazing how you go through all the trouble of tearing down a YouTube channel, so you can found a blog with your friends, and in the frenzy of helping it come together, you forget to get exactly what YOU wanted out if it. I wanted the opportunity to write editorials, but since we’ve started I have been just so amazed at the great work all my friends have been doing that I’ve become something of a fan myself, and I’m maintaining the blog in a way that I can simply allow them to upload new work that I can enjoy.

It isn’t as though I haven’t had ideas. In fact I’ve been mulling over writing this one article about anime that’s been bouncing around my head for some time. I haven’t been doing so because I don’t know how to approach it. In recent years, anime has become a touchy subject for me. I still enjoy anime, but all of the unrelated inter-politics surrounding my relationship with anime conventions in the city have given me a tendency to make me feel…inadequate. I’ve heard that I don’t know as much about the art form so many times, I’ve actually come to believe it.

Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. Poor relationships with the anime community at large aren’t actually the reason I don’t feel like I fully understand anime.

It’s my age.

Anime has been a part of my life since I was roughly 10 years old. Back then I had the peculiar habit of gluing my eyeballs to the Spanish television stations, despite the fact that I spoke absolutely no Spanish and I had no idea what anyone was saying. I was originally there to peek in on old Saturday morning cartoon shows that had already been canceled on American TV, which Spanish TV had in spades.

I wound up discovering a variety of shows that never aired on American TV. I used to think they were originally Mexican, but I changed my mind when I saw rows of Japanese writing the dub artists were kind enough to leave in the production. Among the anime I sampled this way was Dragon Ball, Ranma ½, Los Super Campiones, (Or “Captain Tsubasa” to you anime purists) and Los Caballeros de Zodiaco. (Saint Seiya) These shows were interesting, but I didn’t become a fan of anime at a young age because of them. Not being able to understand what the characters were saying tends to have that effect on you.

Fast forward to 1998, and with that year the opening of the very first Hollywood Video stores in El Paso. Very few people I’ve talked to in recent years seem to remember that Hollywood Video was pretty much the first store in the city to have an anime/animation section. At the nearest location to my home, nestled in between copies of Heavy Metal: The Motion picture, and Fritz the Cat on VHS cassette were 3 Ranma OVAs and a motion picture, theatrical motion picture length animes of Street Fighter and Fatal Fury, and the first dozen episodes of Dragon Ball. I remember standing there in disbelief, thinking that there was still an outside chance that those tapes were still all in Spanish. But I took the plunge, rented a Ranma OVA and….Well, you can guess the rest.

So, my first experiences with Anime truly began in the year 1998, which was a whole 13 years ago. In the time since I got my first taste of the genre off the shelves of Hollywood video, I became a fan of a great variety of series: Tenchi Muyo, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Outlaw Star, and Excel Saga, just to name a few. I became aware of the different genres of anime: Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Giant robot, and Magical Girl. I was around for some of animes’ biggest breakthroughs, especially the explosion of anime on American television. I, like lots of other people, thought we had it made and the great big ball of American anime prosperity would just keep rolling along like a wayward Katamari, destined for the stars.

What happened after that? It’s hard to say.

Most people blame Japan itself for the lack of proliferation of anime on the airwaves. The popularity of series like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star has brought along with it an enormous surge in the popularity of moe-styled teenage girls-in-school animes. Gone from the public eye are heroic tales of giant robots and martial artists. Here to stay are the tales of girls debating the nature of cream filled snack-breads and praying “Kami-Sama don’t let my skirt get blown in the air!”

Most of the people I know are huge fans of these series. They managed to gauge every single moment of the transition from 90s era anime, to the anime of the next millennium without skipping a step. When it comes to me, though, I feel like somewhere I’ve been lost in the shuffle. I feel like I came into anime because of series like Ranma and Dragon Ball, and Los Caballeros, and that since those genres are all but dead now, anime isn’t even speaking the same language as me.

I used to think I was alone in that I was the only one to felt this way, but later, I found out I can’t rule out the possibility that there is a whole older generation of anime fans who like me, fail to grasp the significance of the new generation of shows. Why? Well, there are two major reasons.

The first reason is that because of the over-abundance of school girl anime on Japanese airwaves has led to a loss of mainstream interest in anime on American television. Lots of people don’t understand why these kinds of series are so popular and as a result of that, we’re seeing a lot less of anime on television these days.

The second reason is that the most popular, bestselling manga/anime series in Japan is, and has been for several years, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. One Piece is as close to an old school anime as you can possibly get, from its character designs to the nature of its plot. So, even in its native Japan, the attention of the populous at large still looks to anime in its most original form for entertainment.

I admit, running in anime circles these days has me feeling like a fish out of water. I haven’t kept up with the latest and greatest series and my punishment for that is that my knowledge of anime and manga only comes from a certain era. I’ve become a Grandpa Simpson in that the new ways of anime fail to reach my understanding, and in the ways that they do, scare me. Still, despite my lack of modern, streamlined experience, I am still a fan of the genre and I still wish for it very much for the fandom of anime to become a success in my hometown.

It has to be…because anime is an El Paso tradition.

More on that later...

Friday, July 22, 2011

MAS's rants under 500 words- Follow up and corrections over "Mortal Kombat > Capcom"

How is it going everyone? I’m MAS8705 and who would have guessed how much can happen in a single week? In just the last few days, we got some major news from both games I discussed in my previous rant, so because of this, might as well do my first follow up, where I plan on “amending” whatever I said previously, meanwhile to add in things that has just happened. Let’s get started…

*Start the Count!*

As I said in the previous rant, I didn’t base my assumptions of how “Mortal Kombat is better than Marvel vs capcom 3” as per the downloadable content. Before I start talking about Capcom, I just want to get Mortal Kombat out of the way really fast…

Since the beginning of the summer, we were told that Mortal Kombat was going to get four new characters being added on each month for five dollars each. We were told about Skarlett, the ninja chick has is made of blood (and showers in it), Kenshi, the blind swordsman that is apparently very broken, Rain, the purple ninja (purple rain, ha ha) who uses water (and sometimes lightning) to beat his foes as the first three characters, with a fourth remaining a mystery. This was driving some people into speculations thinking that it was going to be either Frost or Fujin, but low and behold, we get the one person, no one could have possibility guessed… Freddy Krueger!

Something I bet no one ever saw coming. At least it makes sense that you have people like Freddy or Kratos in Mortal Kombat than having Star Wars in Soul Calibur (“A long time ago was back” during the 16th century?) Anyway, check out Freddy in action.


On onto Marvel vs Capcom 3, where right after my previous post, it was indeed confirmed, including 12 new characters. Funny how when we were shown the first four characters, the other eight also got leaked,



Doctor Strange


Ghost Rider

Frank West



Iron Fist

Phoenix Wright


Strider Hiryu

Rocket Raccoon


One thing I forgot to mention was that due to a certain disaster that hit Japan earlier in the year, it had screwed up Capcom’s ability to release DLC, so instead of new characters being added on, we only get the two that were already on the disk. In fact, a few of the character listed above were going to be those DLC. Still, this doesn’t change the fact though that this is still Capcom’s way of getting more cash, by re-releasing a newer version on disk than simply doing an add-on (like they did with the Arcade Edition of Super Street Fighter 4). Also they decided to add a spectator mode, but again, they should have added it much sooner. If the roster proves anything though, it is that we want a raccoon more than a duck (howard), a lot of people from the previous game are still left out (venom, gambit, Cyclops, Cable, Ken, Sakura, Bison, Dan, the list goes on), and how Capcom seems to officially hate Mega Man! As much as I would love to discuss Mega Man more, my word limit is almost up, but next time on 500 word rants, I will be going into more details about Megaman’s decline in the World of Capcom and Video games. Until then, I’m MAS8705, and that was my Follow-up Rant under 500 words.

Word Count: 498

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Augmented Reality Podcast - Episode #2 - ''Animation and Games'' 07-9-11

Augmented Reality Podcast - Episode #2 - ''Animation and Gemes'' 07-9-11 by Sonic Man Network

In Episode 2 of the Augmented Reality Podcast, we discuss western and Japanese animation and current games. Recorded on Saturday, July 9, 2011, featuring Ruben Rascon, Steve Onesi, Michael Solseth and Alicia Bracken. (c) 2011

Rich Boy Likes Zelda (but is Dissapointed in Megaman Legend 3s recent development)


Uh… OH!


HELLO EVERYONE! Rich Boy Cy here, back to you with my newest article to date! As you saw from my fancy video, we’re talking about two things today. How great The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time for the 3DS is, and how I’m handling the dreadful Megaman Legends 3 news. (Spoiler alert, not well at all.)

Lets start with the bad and end with the good, shall we? So as many of you may have heard, Megaman Legends 3 was recently canceled. No, this isn’t like last time when it was simply halted, it was actually canceled this time… And all this time I was foolish enough to believe, maybe, possible, they could squeeze out one more Megaman game even though Inafune and the others left Capcom. And I… Oh… Well I should stop this before it turns into a rant. I daresay that’s my good man MAS’ job. Moving on.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time… For the 3DS… My… Goodness.. Must use… several… pauses… to describe… sheer awesomeness. Some were annoyed when the news of this title was first announced. “What? ANOTHER Ocarina of Time port?!? Jesus Mary and Joseph, this has gone too far!”

Well to you good sir or madam, I say phooey! Not only is this not a port (In fact it’s a full blown remake) but even if it WERE a port, c’mon! It’s Zelda, boyo! You can’t get mad at Zelda! Believe me! I’ve seen people lose tongues over that stuff! I’ll admit OoT has seen more consoles, virtual or otherwise, than there are socks on my bedroom floor (I swear if Consuela didn’t pick those up…) but this time around it features a complete graphics overhaul, not to mention full blown 3D effects every which way! All of the original content is intact, along with new surprises and fun little Easter eggs scattered around the 3D land of Hyrule.

Did I mention Master Quest is included? In full 3D! Just beat the game once and it’ll be unlocked for you’re playing pleasure! There are also new subtle animations as well, for instance, when running on any area of Ice, Link shows a slight wobbling animation as he slides over it! When kid Link pushes large objects, he uses his whole body rather than just his shoulder, making the act look more realistic. Along with this, other new features… well… feature themselves… Like for example, when aiming or looking through 1st person view mode, moving the 3DS around you as if you were using it as your eyes actually makes the camera in the game move as well! It’s a fun little gimmick but if you find it annoys you, it can be toggled on or off in the options menu. Same with 3D. As you should know by now, the game is fully playable and beatable in 2D as well as it is in 3D. You will also be happy to know that there are no visible frame rate issues in 3D mode either.

The gameplay is the same as it ever was. Basic puzzle solving (Lol Water Temple) and basic combat style. It has aged fairly well if I do say so myself. There were slight script changes, mainly to clear confusion, as some people didn’t know what the hell “Please with C, please sell me something!” meant. These changes are minor however, and tend to stick to instructions rather than the games actual script. Zelda still refers to Ganon as “The man with the Evil Eyes” and the Poe shop owner still says creepy things about how handsome link is, so no worries there my good chaps! And yes, Navi is just as talkative as she always has been.

All in all I’d say the game is solid! I wouldn’t buy a 3DS JUST for this game (Unless that’s your thing, or perhaps you‘re just as rich as I am and bought 6 on launch day) but if you do have a 3DS and need a good solid game, look no further! This is Rich Boy Cy, saying “HEY! LISTEN!”

Monday, July 18, 2011

MAS's Rants under 500 words Double Feature- Mortal Kombat > Capcom & How Collabs and Ideas will work (in the perspective of MAS8705)

How is it going everyone? This is MAS8705 ready to get violent with two franchises that really has made a name for itself. Mortal Kombat: the series that literally started the ESRB and started to label games with a similar rating system you see in movies & Marvel vs. Capcom, which has given us one of the most unique fighters known in recent memory.

Before I start though, I want to go on record to say that while I love to collab with fellow editors, I try very hard as to not take anyone’s topics or ideas away from them. Fellow editor, Cyberpunkish has recently reviewed Mortal Kombat (2011), and while I could easily do that as well, I feel as though I would be taking his ideas away from him and thus make it seem that he isn’t doing anything (or make it seem as though one is more professional or more fun to listen to than the other).

If that is going to be a problem, then why not just do a collab with him on a review instead? Again, while that can be done, I don’t want to start a series of videos of “MAS & Cyber review: ___” because it can get old fast, a duo reviewing a game has been done so much. That and I don’t want to hassle Cyber anymore than I already am (I know he says that he doesn’t mind, but you can say that to someone for so long before you stop saying it. That and I just met Cyber and I don’t want to trouble him anymore than I need to). Don’t get me wrong, me and cyber are planning on doing a collab review for Infamous 2 (stupid moral system, you will be the next to feel my wrath), but this should be reserved to be done like once every so often videos, and for those special games, which isn’t to say that Mortal Kombat isn’t a good game, but I prefer to avoid review something if someone is already planning it. Many sites usually has just one person review something, that guy with the glasses and blistered thumbs are notable examples, and while they do have some editors that review the same thing, they either space it out or they will collab, but they never try to overstep or overtake another editor. Augmented Reality is just like those two sites in the sense that we are a group of people that want to spread the word of games, anime, toys, tv, conventions, and anything that we want to talk about; if we all talked about the exact same thing, the site wouldn’t be all to interesting. This is one of the many reasons why the Captain M Show didn’t seem to take off after a year and a half. But I’m getting ahead of myself, I’m not Mike or Aika-Chan so I can’t say how the site works on their behalf, but that is where I currently stand on how I wish to do my business on Augmented Reality; to work and help others, but not to outperform or even steal ideas from others. So what will I talk about then for Mortal Kombat? Well, I suppose I can quickly explain why Mortal Kombat is better than Marvel vs Capcom 3. That should be interesting talk…

*Start the cou-*

Wait a second… *goes back to count the words in the previous explanation*

495 words!?! Jesus- Well I guess this week’s rant is going to be my first double feature rant then. I don’t plan on making this a habit, but I feel that it is still important to cover my opinions on this. I know you guys probably don’t even care about the rant above, but that is how I work; I don’t want to start discrediting my fellow editors by taking their ideas as my own. Enough of that though, let’s finally talk about these two games.

If you are reading this, you should already know how the two games work; this will be a simple comparison and I’m not going to compare the history between the two series, talk about the gameplay styles, compare roster sizes, the game scores both have received or say character X is cooler looking than Character Y. This will compare the mechanics of the two games. If you look at it from this stand point, you will agree that Mortal Kombat is the better game. Also just to make this clear, I don’t have anything Capcom; I enjoy playing Marvel vs Capcom 3, I currently own it and I am actually quite good (or decent to say the least). I would say more, but I don’t want to start a third rant in the same post, so let’s get to it…

*Start the count!*

So, why exactly am I discussing this topic right now? A rumor has been circulating about that this year’s comic-con that Capcom will have a full panel about the game, and may also announce: “ULTIMATE Marvel vs Capcom 3!” While this isn’t anything new that capcom has pulled (three different kinds of street fighter 2s, 3s, and 4s. and two different Tatsunoko vs capcoms), one can’t help but notice the cheap ploy being done to get more money…

Gamers seem to do this all the time, but you can only trick someone for so long before they catch onto the tricks. If this does happen, that means that a lot of people just wasted 10 dollars on characters that would be seen in the remake. At least, they agree that each character should be five dollars and nothing more. However, after five months, we only see Jill and Shuma-Gorath as downloadable characters, but no one else in planning (except for alternate costumes). This is where Mortal Kombat gets the first edge; within three months, Mortal Kombat already has three characters (the fourth to also be announced at comic-con).

Again, there’s more to a game than the character count and having more doesn’t make it a better game (Insert examples here), but if you look at what each game offered, you will see how Mortal Kombat takes it. When you play online with Mortal Kombat, you have a seemingly well streamed fight (besides the pass you have to buy if you rent or buy used) and others can even rank your fight as they watch it. The online for Marvel vs capcom is also fairly decent, however instead of watching the fight, you get to watch two icons bump against each other as you watch the player’s health bars drop. Street Fighter 4 had no problem letting others watch the fight if they are in the lobby, but for some reason, they left this out in Marvel vs capcom 3. The last point though, should be the one that sells this idea: additional content. Besides the basics, Marvel vs capcom 3 only has a “Ghost battle”- fight harder characters and “Mission”- where you perform 10 moves/combos while Mortal Kombat has the challenge tower- over 300 kinds of unique challenges and story mode, which retells the events of the first three games, not to mention the krypt that gives you much more additional content to view (Heck they even have tutorials! Not even Marvel vs capcom has tutorials!). Even the endings in Mortal Kombat are more engaging (and animated) than the endings you see in Mortal Kombat. These are one of many reasons how I see Mortal Kombat as the better series. This in no way is to say that Marvel vs capcom 3 is a bad game, but if you are looking for a game with great mileage, look no further than Mortal Kombat. I’m MAS8705, and that was… well, both of my rants, each under 500 words.

Word Count: 498

P.S.: Not many references can be made here, but I will give credit to Mr. Angry Joe for his review on Mortal Kombat. In case you would like to have a more in-depth look at the game (beside’s Mr. Rich Guy Cy’s review) I would suggest to check out his review.

Shiro 4koma #1- My Darling Agent Kuo

Step 1, click to Read the 4koma:
Step 2, Read this commentary:
LinkHey everyone! Cyberpunkish here with a Shiro 4koma update! This is actually based on a real life situation for me. When I first put the game in (Infamous 2 for those who haven't played) I was hanging out with Akia and another friend of mine, Adam. Adam just graduated from SCAD and is looking to pursue a career in video games, so needless to say when it comes to gaming he's one of the people I hold in high regard. I mean c'mon, he trained under one of the minds of the team that worked on the game "Crisis". So we're watching the opening scene, and then I fight the beast... and Kuo is yapping away in the background. I look at Adam and say "This is a character I am going to hate..."

Adam replies with something like "Apparently there are two main females in this game. Kuo represents good and the other chick represents bad."

Alright. I wanted to play as a good guy first so I guess I HAVE to go with Kuo. Oh well. But damn, I do NOT like this chick...

THEN she gets kidnapped...


THEN she gets her powers...

I'm sitting here rescuing her and I'm like "Oh dear me. Is that ice?" Ice just happens to be my all time favorite element. I'm a sucker for girls with Ice powers. But still. It's frikin Kuo. She's annoying. No deal.

Then I look at her competition. Ms. swampy over there with no personality other than kill shit because it's fun. She has the freaky accent and she seems more than just a little childish... reminds me of a certain family member of mine's outlook on life so I'm like "Nope. Do not approve."

Sure. Her character may get more depth is I accept her personal missions but as I stated from the get go, good guy first, bad guy second.

So I do my first mission with Kuo and her newfound powers. First off woah. She looks cute. Blue hair, nice clothes, Sub Zero arms. Heh. Then she gets all nice and flirty. Cole flirts back; she goes off on witty banter. It's awesome.

Oh and she can fly. Keeps showing me up as all I can do is hover slowly towards the ground. Damn I wish I could do that...

After we take down a graveyard full of baddies, I realize I LIKE this new Kuo! Yay! Aww. You have to go now Kuo? Well alright, we'll hang out again later! See ya!


I love you Agent Kuo. ^_^

Ahem. I mean Shiro loves you. I'm not weird like that... >.>

ONE MORE THING! I apologize for the crappy coloring. I forgot to use layers this time around and by the time I realized it I was already 3/4's of the way done so... Yeah. I'll do better next time.