Sunday, July 10, 2011

MAS's Rants in under 500 Words: Is the Kinect outstaying it's welcome?

How is it going everyone? This is MAS8705 and this is my “Rants Under 500 words.” Before I get started, I would like to say that while I do pick these topics at random, I also would like to start taking requests on topics that you think I should discuss. If I started off with Nintendo Porn, I am pretty open to any suggestions. Just be sure to keep it as clean as possible and have a link to the article if there is one so that I can do a proper research before performing my rant. So after you finish reading this week’s Rant under 500 words, you are welcome to leave a comment below to suggest new rants or email me (or the editors) for anything you would like to see.

Now that I got out of the way, let’s get started with this rant- The Xbox Kinect!

*Start the count!*

What can be said of the Xbox Kinect? It is pretty bad ass that it can track full body movement, and Dance Central is fun, but then if you look at the rest of the Kinect games, Dance Central is really the only game actually worthwhile. (There’s also Child of Eden, but for the sake of argument, let's pretend it doesn't exist yet...)

Currently, the Kinect can be summarized as three kinds of games:

1) On Rails Shooter
2) Fitness monitor
3) Pet simulator

There is also snowboarding, but I choose to not count it since those games are terrible.

I know there is more to the Kinect than that, but really can you say it has more variety than that? I mean, hackers have shown how it can be used so much more than the developers themselves... Don’t believe me!?! Look at these two sites that show 10 ways the Kinect can be used each. Even for Minecraft!

It sucks because this last E3 during the Microsoft press conference, Microsoft was stuffing this down our throats...

You turn your head while you drive,
Give voice commands to your troops,
Assemble Guns and shoot them,
Cast spells and ride a carriage,
Run around in Disneyworld,
Fight with a lightsab-


It made sense with the Nintendo Wii because they based their system around it (but then we got the wonderful Nintendo 08 Press Conference and then Nintendo changed their focus), and Sony isn't really forcing the PSMove on us (or at least not as much as Microsoft did with this year... Hell I take that back, Sony is starting to get to that point, but they seem more focused on making everything 3D than making everything with the PSMove… Once again, a rant coming soon)... If that wasn't bad enough, IGN actually posted a new topic of how Halo Anniversary is also going to make use of the Kinect... At this rate, you are going to see Halo 4 using the Kinect soon...

Point here is simple, while I am still a Microsoft fanboy (Don't believe me again!?! Look me up, TheMASterBlader, gamerscore 107,000+! You are welcome to send an invite to me, I enjoy playing online with people) and will probably buy a Kinect when I get the cash, this is very concerning how this seems to be Microsoft's plan now...

As always, I know I might be leaving out a few details, but for the most part, this is the truth.

So here’s Today’s question: What do you think about the Kinect six months later? It might not be long enough to judge the kinect, but then it does have 26 games currently out for it...

And let's not forget how some of them have pretty much bombed badly so far...

Sonic Free Riders... IT BURNS!!! Time to end this rant. I’m MAS8705 and that was my rant under 500 words.

P.S.: Enjoy this extra video:

Word Count: 496


  1. Ah but I remember trying out Sonic Free Riders at a store before my Dad even got a Kinect. It was a good showcase of what the Kinect could do

  2. Personally, I've never played any games on kinect. Ever. I came close once when I passed by a copy of Wipeout at the Best Buy. Once I was finally standing the right way in front of the sensor I didn't understand how I was making the character move.

  3. oh god that slap was hilarious! damn near broke her neck!!


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