Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MAS's Rants in under 500 Words: Death of the Blue Bomber

How is it going everyone? I’m MAS8705 and we are here to pay our respects to a gaming icon that has seems to have been killed off by the very company he has represented for almost 20 years.

This tombstone was generated from jjchandler, there also do street signs, warning labels and warning signs (Giving credit where credit is due). Anyway, one can only hope that megaman will still get a game in the future, but considering everything that has happened last week, Capcom pretty much just killed megaman. So bow your heads, & silence your cell phones, we are going to pay our respects to the blue bomber.

*start the count…*

It seems only yesterday Megaman 10 was released (March 2010), and everyone was enjoying old-school platforming on current gen games. It was more or less about this time when we got word that Capcom announced “Megaman Universe” and one month later, Marvel vs Capcom 3. When Capcom announced the first few characters, Mega Man was strangely not mentioned, but chances were that they were going to build up the suspense. During the time we waited, (September 16) we got word of Tron’s inclusion into Marvel vs Capcom 3, and two weeks later, another Megaman game was coming, Mega Man Legends 3 for the 3DS. Tons of people were excited because this was going to be the latest “Legends” game in over 10 years and a demo would come out at the same time when the handheld launched.

Everything was looking good for Mega Man, or so it seemed before October 29 2010, when everything would change forever (or at least the position of “Research & development and online business and global head of production for Capcom”) as the creator of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune leaves Capcom. At first, no one thought much of it, after all, two weeks later, Zero gets confirmed for Marvel vs Capcom 3, so Mega Man’s chances were still there to get added, right? Well… this is when our story begins to turn into a tragedy.

By the end of January, two weeks before the Marvel vs Capcom 3 is released, the last two characters are announced, and while Tron and Zero get added, no variation of Mega Man was; he was excluded from the game due to “not retaining his original character anymore”. [link]

At least Legends 3 prototype was soon right? Well, when the 3DS launched, prototype was nowhere to be seen. It also didn’t help with the fact that a few days after the 3DS got launched, Mega Man Universe got canceled due to “Various Circumstances” (one guess from many people was “the game looks ugly.”

Again, notice Keiji saying all the good things about this game and since he left, this got canned. May 20th, we finally get word that Megaman Legend 3 Prototype got delayed (took long enough) and that is basically the last we hear from this game. Fast forward to last week, and we not only find out the Megaman Legends 3 gets cancelled due to “lack of support” (You, the fans just didn’t want the game enough! *disabling sarcasm mode*), but Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 get announced, new characters are leaked a day later, and still nothing mentioned about any plans for Mega Man; Has Capcom really forsaken their Main Mascot? Will we ever see Mega man again? Time will tell, but facts are facts: Until we get word of a new Mega Man game (which will hopefully be sooner than we think), Mega Man is officially dead. I’m MAS8705 and that was my (hopefully temporary) obituary in under 500 words.

Word Count: 495

Ending Comments: I wonder if Blue has become an unlucky color in the world of video games, next time we talk about the decline of another “Blue” character. You guys should know exactly who I’m talking about.

Also I would have given hello kitty x street fighter a mention as merchandise, but considering how some people got offended by it (and calling me an idiot for bringing it up) I left it out of the rant, but I’ll at least give it a special mention and post hello kitty dressed as Chung-Li.

See you next time…

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