Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rich Boy Likes Zelda (but is Dissapointed in Megaman Legend 3s recent development)


Uh… OH!


HELLO EVERYONE! Rich Boy Cy here, back to you with my newest article to date! As you saw from my fancy video, we’re talking about two things today. How great The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time for the 3DS is, and how I’m handling the dreadful Megaman Legends 3 news. (Spoiler alert, not well at all.)

Lets start with the bad and end with the good, shall we? So as many of you may have heard, Megaman Legends 3 was recently canceled. No, this isn’t like last time when it was simply halted, it was actually canceled this time… And all this time I was foolish enough to believe, maybe, possible, they could squeeze out one more Megaman game even though Inafune and the others left Capcom. And I… Oh… Well I should stop this before it turns into a rant. I daresay that’s my good man MAS’ job. Moving on.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time… For the 3DS… My… Goodness.. Must use… several… pauses… to describe… sheer awesomeness. Some were annoyed when the news of this title was first announced. “What? ANOTHER Ocarina of Time port?!? Jesus Mary and Joseph, this has gone too far!”

Well to you good sir or madam, I say phooey! Not only is this not a port (In fact it’s a full blown remake) but even if it WERE a port, c’mon! It’s Zelda, boyo! You can’t get mad at Zelda! Believe me! I’ve seen people lose tongues over that stuff! I’ll admit OoT has seen more consoles, virtual or otherwise, than there are socks on my bedroom floor (I swear if Consuela didn’t pick those up…) but this time around it features a complete graphics overhaul, not to mention full blown 3D effects every which way! All of the original content is intact, along with new surprises and fun little Easter eggs scattered around the 3D land of Hyrule.

Did I mention Master Quest is included? In full 3D! Just beat the game once and it’ll be unlocked for you’re playing pleasure! There are also new subtle animations as well, for instance, when running on any area of Ice, Link shows a slight wobbling animation as he slides over it! When kid Link pushes large objects, he uses his whole body rather than just his shoulder, making the act look more realistic. Along with this, other new features… well… feature themselves… Like for example, when aiming or looking through 1st person view mode, moving the 3DS around you as if you were using it as your eyes actually makes the camera in the game move as well! It’s a fun little gimmick but if you find it annoys you, it can be toggled on or off in the options menu. Same with 3D. As you should know by now, the game is fully playable and beatable in 2D as well as it is in 3D. You will also be happy to know that there are no visible frame rate issues in 3D mode either.

The gameplay is the same as it ever was. Basic puzzle solving (Lol Water Temple) and basic combat style. It has aged fairly well if I do say so myself. There were slight script changes, mainly to clear confusion, as some people didn’t know what the hell “Please with C, please sell me something!” meant. These changes are minor however, and tend to stick to instructions rather than the games actual script. Zelda still refers to Ganon as “The man with the Evil Eyes” and the Poe shop owner still says creepy things about how handsome link is, so no worries there my good chaps! And yes, Navi is just as talkative as she always has been.

All in all I’d say the game is solid! I wouldn’t buy a 3DS JUST for this game (Unless that’s your thing, or perhaps you‘re just as rich as I am and bought 6 on launch day) but if you do have a 3DS and need a good solid game, look no further! This is Rich Boy Cy, saying “HEY! LISTEN!”

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