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[Anime of the Week] Mezzo DSA (5/20-26/2012)

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Not to be confused with the prequel Mezzo FORTE!
Mezzo DSA is one of those "girls with guns" anime but after watching 10 episodes I can say that this one does not focus solely on that aspect which makes me really, really happy. There are story arcs that last about an episode or so and I'm really liking the characters and voice talent behind the characters. It's a fantastic watch as the animation is crisp... too bad animation is no longer like this.

I tried finding a cool trailer.... but no luck so you're stuck with the opening video for the show.

# of episodes: 13
Type: original
Rating: OT
Synopsis:Mikura, Kurokawa, and Harada are the 3 members of the Danger Service Agency (DSA). Mikura is the brawn of the group, Harada is the brains, and Kurokawa is just a bitter ex-cop who likes to think he's in charge. They'll take on any job as long as it involves lots of danger and, of course, money. Their biggest case, however, could prove to be finding out why someone wants Kurokawa assassinated.
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Supah Hero Time! Adorable&Nostalgic War!

What's up my Milleniums! Welcome to another segment of-!
Today is special. You see, there's a tradition with Super Sentai and Kamen Rider which are the VS and Rider War movies! Every year the current sentai has a team-up movie with the previous sentai and the same goes for the current Kamen Rider. And recently, the subs for The Kamen RiderXKamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max was released! So now I can review it! (the thing about toku movies is that it takes longer to view them as they are released theatrically first, then after a few months, sold on DVD which is then subbed a few weeks later) So without making you wait any longer: let's begin!
The Rider War movies are usually split into three main segments: the first segment picks up where ther previous Kamen Rider series ended and serves as a continuation. The second segment is about the current Rider, and sometimes has no effect of the main plot of the show. The final segment is the team-up segment, where both Riders come together to defeat the main villain.
The OOO segment opens with the 7 Legendary Riders kicking Waste Yummies, Masquerade Dopants, and Dustards' behinds. Apparently, Foundation X (Kamen Rider Double) has been funding a project that involves both Medals(OOO) and Switches (Fourze).
Then we see a new Rider(Poseidon) that hails from the future kill several officers of the Kougami Foundation.
For some reason Ankh has returned, which Hina gets the impression that Eiji has fixed the core. They then discover that when Mako imploded, all the cores flew into the future and were absorbed accidentally by Miharu, turning him evil.
He was meant to be a Rider, but due to his fear of water, he wasn't able to be Kamen Rider Ocean, which the future Kougami then gave him the power to be Poseidon, before succumbing to the Medals. They defeat Poseidon and Miharu returns to the future, which shortly after Ankh disappears. Eiji reveals he never fixed the Core and Ankh probably came from the future, giving them hope that he will return. Suddenly Foundation members arrive and take Poseidon's Medals.
This segment is simply delightful. I was a huge fan of OOO though the ending of the series left me with an empty feeling. I felt that the story didn't resolve in a truly satisfying way, which mostly applied to Ankh's death and Eiji's loss of using OOO, which this segment fixed immediately. The action was amazing, namely the first fight with Date and Gotou vs Poseidon. The only thing I can complain on is the Power Ranger-esque explosions that appear behind Eiji in one scene, though the attack was a slash that was straightforward.
Also the fight in the Cous Coussiere was extrordinary, showing that Shu(Eiji) and Ryosuke(Ankh) are more than capable fighters! Also Sotonaka manages to bust some moves.
My waifu!
We then cut to Fuuto where Shoutaro intercepts some Foundation X members transporting something called SOLU.
It's so good to see Shoutaro in action again! Meanwhile, the space goop (SOLU) goes down a drain and excapes.
Cut to Amanogawa High School and the Kamen Rider Club is participating in a festival(NOTE: This takes place after Fourze has just received Switch #20: Fire)
And people say I'M a dork? Anyway, a girl falls from the sky and Gentarou catches her.
Ok, forget Satonaka, THIS IS MY WAIFU! A fight then ensues where Nadeshiko(girl that fell from sky) transforms into a female version of Fourze!
Even her henshin is ADORABLE! >.<
AND she attacks with a bear hug?! *throws on Monster Suit*
Gen-chan, you perv!
They wrap up the fight and Gentarou then goes out with Nadeshiko
My KAWAII meter is off the charts!!! Ok it doesn't take you long to realize that Nadeshiko is actually the SOLU that took the form of the actual Nadeshiko. I won't give much else away cause, well just watch it :,(
This segment is just GREAT. The romance between Nadeshiko and Gentarou is ADORABLE to say the least. I've always enjoyed the fight scenes in Fourze too so there's nothing to complain about.. Well... there is ONE thing … :,(
The next segment involves Fourze, OOO, Double, and the 7 Legendary Riders kicking villain booty. 
This final segment is action packed and does NOT dissapoint. All in all the ENTIRE film is GREAT. It gives me a much more satisfied ending to OOO, it's nostalgic to see Double fight again, and Fourze has been nothing but a great series. The fight scenes are STUPENDOUSLY choreographed and there wasn't a single moment where I felt uninterested. This is a MUST watch for fans of Double, OOO, and Fourze. Oh before I forget, the movie ends with a sneak peek at Kamen Rider Meteor, Fourze's secondary Rider.
I LOVE this Rider War movie and will definitely be looking forward to the Super Hero Taisen Movie which will pit Sentai against Riders!
Aw.... :,)

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[Manga of the Week] Tokyo Red Hood (5/20-26/2012)

Image Copyright goes out to Benkyo Tamaoki.

Fair warning, Tokyo Red Hood is an M+ rated guro comic about a loli who's ultimate goal is to get consumed by the big bad wolf. Yup, it's one of those closer to Grimm Fairy Tale versions of the Red Riding Hood story (not that the original children's tale wasn't dark enough). I'm not going to lie, I've been on a guro trip lately... er or should I say I've been on a showing off what I know of guro manga trip. I really want to find more like this one though because while it is guro, there are good reasons for the guro and there is an actual story. Ya, from my experience a lot of guro doesn't have story.

Oh snap! I know the perfect anime to put as anime of the week now that kind of is similar to this - Memnemosyme ~Rin Daughters of Darkness~ ;( I sure am not posting kid friendly stuff this time around.

# of volumnes: 4
Rating: Mature (21+)
Tokyo Red Hood is about an eleven year old girl who usually just goes by the name of Akazukin (Little Red Riding Hood). She has a sick obsession with a being known only as Mr. Wolf and wants nothing more than to be eaten by him to end her "immortal" life. Akazukin has lost all of her memories and doesn't even know who she really is. Her reason to want to be eaten by Mr. Wolf is not even known to her, instead it's a desire that is locked deep within her consciousness.
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Supah Hero Time! This is so Akihabara!

         Whats up my millenuims? Your Black-Winged Magician is back from a short hiatus!, which I do apologize deeply for. I've been busy taking care of business for the Yu-Gi-Oh! film, trying to get a production group started and I'm starring as the Beast at my school's upcoming performance of Beauty and the Beast. But enough of me, let's get to what EVERYONE's been waiting for-!
Yup this is gonna be a weekly segment!.... Starting now!
So this week we're gonna take a look at Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger!
        Um.... Ok..... I have some explaining to do. You see back in April 6th, TV Asahi's BS Asahi channel began to broadcast this show, so “technically” this isn't a part of the official Super Hero Time television block.... But then again Go-Busters sucks gorilla boogers from a baby's dirty diaper, so instead, I'm going to be reviewing this alongside of Fourze!
        Now for a little back-story: Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger actually stands for Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger. So yeah this isn't an official Sentai either, bite me. It's intended to be a parody show of Super Sentai. Also this show is... for “mature” audiences and every episode closes out with “good boys and girls stay away”.

0.o..... Um... I wonder why.... Anyways the show revolves around three individuals who make up the Akibarangers.
First up is Akagi Nobou who is AkibaRed!
Er... Maybe not the smoothest Red, but Akagi is still one of my favorite Reds EVER. He's a 29 year old otaku that works for the SPD... The Sasaki Pom Poko Delivery which coincidentally has the same initials as Special Police Dekaranger and is parodied in the first episode!... Erm... Anyway, Akagi's a MAJOR Super Sentia fan that knows EVERY single detail of EVERY Sentai, thus leading him to constantly have delusions. He is brash and points out every single Sentai Trope (or cliché) the instant it happens, making him perfect for taking the role of AkibaRed.

Next up is Yumeria Moegi AKA AkibaYellow.
Ok... so our heroes are a bunch of weirdos, but I love 'em!
Yumeria is a 24 year old cosplayer and doujin manga artist who's trying to get her work recognized. Her mood depends greatly on the costume she wears and will speak in a deep voice when compromised. She is easily the CUTEST character of the show, and oddly, the least annoying. How can you get mad at that? Especially after episode 4 when she cosplays as Melee *drools*... Anyway!

Wrapping up the Akibarangers is AkibaBlue, Aoyagi Mizuki.
Yeah she's the typical cool-headed blue. Always says whats on her mind, thinks everyone else is an idot, blah blah blah. What makes her interesting is her passion for martial arts, which is the primary reason she joined the Akibarangers. She is also the only "underage" member of the group. On top of that she is a closet-otaku, trying to hide the fact that she likes Aoi-Tan (a fictional anime character in the show whose design makes up their changers.)

Lastly on the good guys side, Hakase, Hiroyo Hakase.
She is by far the CUTEST mentor for any Super Sentai I have seen. She also owns a Sentai Cafe! Will she marry me?! She designed and created the MMZ-01, the changers of the show which look like figures of Aoi-Tan, but transform into guns when the rangers transform.

On the bad guys side.... Malshina <3
I may as well end the review here, I can't top THAT ^
She is the most drop dead gorgeous villainess I have seen, she even beats Kegalashia, OH YEAH I WENT THERE! She's sexy, seductive, evil and one of the funnest characters I have ever seen. Actually, every single main character in this show are some of my favorite characters of all-time.
Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger is by far already one of my FAVORITE shows, and its BARELY on episode 6! Oh I am so looking forward to this show! Too bad all the fights are in the rangers' heads.... Oh yeah they really don't fight the villians at all, the MMZ-01 are just broadcasters that allow them to share the same delusions.... What's that you say? What's the point in them even fighting? Well, apparently there's someone going around Akibahara(the town the Akibarangers live in) and is trying to transform it and get rid of all the otaku-ness! There's more than just delusions, especially since this weeks episode revealed that Malshina can get into the real world!... I was the happiest man in the world <3

Anyway like I said, Akibaranger is a GREAT show and I'm going to be reviewing it ever other week, starting with episode 7. I HIGHLY recommend this show to most otakus. Hope you enjoyed this segment of Supah Hero Time. Also if you are going to FalCon, I have already reserved a table so come on by and say hi! 'Till next time!

Ah, I love this show more and more... 

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Aspect Ratio - Free Comic Book Day at Daxie Boy Toys

Ruben Rascon III participates in this year's Free Comic Book day at Daxie Boy Toys and has the once in a lifetime opportunity to interview "Might Morphin Power Rangers" star Walter Jones. Also, Ruben interviews artist George Baeza, the El Paso Ghostbusters, Adversary Comix, Mor-tach of The Empire, "Supergirl" from Vaboom Studios and Julian Lawler about this years El Paso Comic Con.

For more info on ep-con visit

Aspect Ratio is (c) 2012 Ruben Rascon.

Review: "Superior" HC Edition


  by Mike The Fanboyable


     Over the last several years, writer Mark Millar has given comicbook readers an intriguing alternative take on superhero conventions. In Wanted, Millar showed us the inner workings of the supercriminal world. In Kick-Ass, he showcased a teenager who decides to take his love of superheroes to a higher level by actually becoming one. In Nemesis, he took a Batman-archetype and turned it on its head by giving us an absolutely dangerous criminal mastermind.

     Now, in the lates hardcover Marvel publication, Superior, Mark Millar, along with artist Leinil Yu, takes the Superman-archetype, as well as some of the aspects of Captain Marvel, and gives us a flawlessly paced story, with richly-layered characters in this deconstruction of the superhero genre.

    Mark Millar's Superior
     We are introduced to Simon Pooni, a twelve-year-old wheelchair-bound boy with multiple sclerosis who, by a mysterious talking space-monkey named Ormon, is granted the wish of becoming his favorite comicbook superhero, Superior. With, not only the ability to walk, as Superior, Simon has all of the incredible powers of his icon and in the course of one week he becomes the world's greatest hero after rescuing people from natural disasters and other danger, and brings hope to the world.


         However, something else that is to transpire after that week is Ormon's explanation to Simon as why this wish was bestowed upon him. Is there a catch to all this? What are Ormon's true intentions?


        Mark Millar does an outstanding job in fleshing out the personality of Simon Pooni. As Superior, despite his awesome power, he still behaves very much his age, and isn't sure how to act after doing heroic deeds. The Tom Hanks comedy "Big" seems to be a little bit of an influence.


            This is a very compelling superhero tale that will not disappoint if you're looking for something with alot of heart as well as excitement. Leinil Yu's art is sharp and very clear. If you found Millar's previous work much to your liking, Superior should be a solid pick.

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Marginal Gaming - Putting the Content before the Download

In Mike's latest article for 8bitfix, Mike tackles the issue of on-disc DLC. Do we deserve a product for free just because we learned of a company's unfair attempt at fleecing the consumer?

Check it out on the 8bitfix website.

Princess Jellyfish - A Review by Shonen Neko Takaya

 I sometimes wonder if the word Anime is Japanese for incomplete story with tacked on ending.

There are few things in anime that bother me as much as an incomplete narrative that has plenty of steam left in it's characters and storyline.

Princess Jellyfish is an anime that I really didn't want to be disappointed in. The characters while a bit stereotyped really let you into this world of geeky otaku women who have their own unique tastes, likes, dislikes. really making them feel like girls you've might have been friends with.

The lead male role Kuranosuke is fairly fleshed out and deep considering the series length. He has a troubled backstory and it really comes through the voice actors work. You can feel the pain Kuranosuke goes through. You can also tell he's a very compassionate person which is why I enjoyed him so much as a character.

His brother Shū is also a really interesting guy despite his family finding him so boring. Shū is a very proper and polite Japanese business man. He sticks very close to traditions of a proper Japanese family. His values while a little dated also show what kind of man he is. Shū was quite possibly my favorite of the series.

The real star of this show is Tsukimi. She reminds me of so many women I've dated.

She's a fragile creature scared of her own beauty. The death of her mother and the promise that she would make her a wedding dress as beautiful as a Jellyfish is one of the key points of the series as it establishes a good deal of the plot from this one tragic event.

Tsukimi is a wonderful character and I found myself in tears a few times as I saw her deal with many of the things thrown at her in the series. She like so many women, just want someone to love them and to feel beautiful. I can relate to that quite a bit even as a guy. I think we all want someone to love us and to feel attractive. Tsukimi battles her insecurities and fear of men in a very realistic way.

Sometimes we win sometimes we lose but the fact that we tried shows what we are made of.

The rest of the ladies of the house are memorable and really added to a lot of the humor that makes up the show as it's not entirely a drama.

Mayyaya reminds me very much of one of my good friends from the now defunct Gyt's Anime and More. I bet you know who you are. :: wink::: A girl that digs Samurai is always alright in my book.

Jiji is a riot because of her love and dedication to older gentlemen. I run into a lot more of these types of girls as I get older, which just makes it even more hilarious. ( I'm 32)

Banba looks a little like Lambo from HItman Reborn but once you get past that, she's just a meat seeking, train loving otaku girl.

Chieko is the traditonal Japanese princess complete with a fabulous Kimono collection and hand crafted Japanese dolls. She's also the landlady of the Amamizukan.

The mysterious Juon Mejiro that writes yaoi manga and hates men with a passion is a great source of humor throughout the series and even lead to a few plot twists that I anticipated but never materialized in the show. I really enjoy characters that you can have fun with and imagine doing things in a series. Pretty good for a character that is more mysterious than Mr. Wilson from Home Improvement.

Shōko Inari is a an evil evil woman. You know you're playing a super evil woman when you can manage to get me to say, " Oh that BITCH!" She's certainly easier on the eyes than the rest of the cast but her personality screws up any chance of her being attractive.

On the technical side, Princess Jellyfish has it's share of problems. It suffers from a lack of continuity in quality of the animation but not nearly as bad as say Welcome to The NHK, Hellsing, or Samurai 7. ( Sensing a connection here?) When it's pretty, it's beautiful. When it's gritty and real. It's gritty and real right down to the unibrow on some of these girls. I think the look of the characters suits who they are as people so in that respect it works. I can't go so far as to say it's an ugly anime because it's not. It's very well done but you can tell there were short cuts to save on budget but none of them are bad enough to detract from the story. I just can't give it a Bones Studio Quality score when it hardly deserves it.

The voice acting in the American version ( which is the one I watched as of this review.) is pretty much standard fare in the modern world of Funimation dubs. It's not bad, in fact it's pretty good.

The problems come when you can tell certain dialog has been Americanized and I have a strong feeling a certain amount of depth was lost in translation. Since it's a short anime I may re watch a couple of the episodes in Japanese just to see if I was right in this assumption.

The music is good but to be blutly honest the only thing that stuck with me was the opening song which is just weird and quirky. I like weird and quirky.

I can only recommend this anime to people that really enjoy fashion, cross dressing, and seeing a girl shine like a diamond in the rough. If you're looking for a couple of laughs and a casual sweet story about a young lady looking for acceptance and love. Then you might be in the right place.

If you don't like guys dressing like girls ,weird over the top personalities and incomplete stories. Avoid it.

For me personally at the end of the day I am glad I saw it but the want for more is great. I love to support these Shojou anime but as is the case with many Shojou anime they end up incomplete and just make me wish there was more. Enter at your own risk.

I give Princess Jellyfish a 6/10 and a 8/10 if they actually make a second season.