Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Supah Hero Time! This is so Akihabara!

         Whats up my millenuims? Your Black-Winged Magician is back from a short hiatus!, which I do apologize deeply for. I've been busy taking care of business for the Yu-Gi-Oh! film, trying to get a production group started and I'm starring as the Beast at my school's upcoming performance of Beauty and the Beast. But enough of me, let's get to what EVERYONE's been waiting for-!
Yup this is gonna be a weekly segment!.... Starting now!
So this week we're gonna take a look at Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger!
        Um.... Ok..... I have some explaining to do. You see back in April 6th, TV Asahi's BS Asahi channel began to broadcast this show, so “technically” this isn't a part of the official Super Hero Time television block.... But then again Go-Busters sucks gorilla boogers from a baby's dirty diaper, so instead, I'm going to be reviewing this alongside of Fourze!
        Now for a little back-story: Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger actually stands for Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger. So yeah this isn't an official Sentai either, bite me. It's intended to be a parody show of Super Sentai. Also this show is... for “mature” audiences and every episode closes out with “good boys and girls stay away”.

0.o..... Um... I wonder why.... Anyways the show revolves around three individuals who make up the Akibarangers.
First up is Akagi Nobou who is AkibaRed!
Er... Maybe not the smoothest Red, but Akagi is still one of my favorite Reds EVER. He's a 29 year old otaku that works for the SPD... The Sasaki Pom Poko Delivery which coincidentally has the same initials as Special Police Dekaranger and is parodied in the first episode!... Erm... Anyway, Akagi's a MAJOR Super Sentia fan that knows EVERY single detail of EVERY Sentai, thus leading him to constantly have delusions. He is brash and points out every single Sentai Trope (or cliché) the instant it happens, making him perfect for taking the role of AkibaRed.

Next up is Yumeria Moegi AKA AkibaYellow.
Ok... so our heroes are a bunch of weirdos, but I love 'em!
Yumeria is a 24 year old cosplayer and doujin manga artist who's trying to get her work recognized. Her mood depends greatly on the costume she wears and will speak in a deep voice when compromised. She is easily the CUTEST character of the show, and oddly, the least annoying. How can you get mad at that? Especially after episode 4 when she cosplays as Melee *drools*... Anyway!

Wrapping up the Akibarangers is AkibaBlue, Aoyagi Mizuki.
Yeah she's the typical cool-headed blue. Always says whats on her mind, thinks everyone else is an idot, blah blah blah. What makes her interesting is her passion for martial arts, which is the primary reason she joined the Akibarangers. She is also the only "underage" member of the group. On top of that she is a closet-otaku, trying to hide the fact that she likes Aoi-Tan (a fictional anime character in the show whose design makes up their changers.)

Lastly on the good guys side, Hakase, Hiroyo Hakase.
She is by far the CUTEST mentor for any Super Sentai I have seen. She also owns a Sentai Cafe! Will she marry me?! She designed and created the MMZ-01, the changers of the show which look like figures of Aoi-Tan, but transform into guns when the rangers transform.

On the bad guys side.... Malshina <3
I may as well end the review here, I can't top THAT ^
She is the most drop dead gorgeous villainess I have seen, she even beats Kegalashia, OH YEAH I WENT THERE! She's sexy, seductive, evil and one of the funnest characters I have ever seen. Actually, every single main character in this show are some of my favorite characters of all-time.
Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger is by far already one of my FAVORITE shows, and its BARELY on episode 6! Oh I am so looking forward to this show! Too bad all the fights are in the rangers' heads.... Oh yeah they really don't fight the villians at all, the MMZ-01 are just broadcasters that allow them to share the same delusions.... What's that you say? What's the point in them even fighting? Well, apparently there's someone going around Akibahara(the town the Akibarangers live in) and is trying to transform it and get rid of all the otaku-ness! There's more than just delusions, especially since this weeks episode revealed that Malshina can get into the real world!... I was the happiest man in the world <3

Anyway like I said, Akibaranger is a GREAT show and I'm going to be reviewing it ever other week, starting with episode 7. I HIGHLY recommend this show to most otakus. Hope you enjoyed this segment of Supah Hero Time. Also if you are going to FalCon, I have already reserved a table so come on by and say hi! 'Till next time!

Ah, I love this show more and more... 

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