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Supah Hero Time! Adorable&Nostalgic War!

What's up my Milleniums! Welcome to another segment of-!
Today is special. You see, there's a tradition with Super Sentai and Kamen Rider which are the VS and Rider War movies! Every year the current sentai has a team-up movie with the previous sentai and the same goes for the current Kamen Rider. And recently, the subs for The Kamen RiderXKamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max was released! So now I can review it! (the thing about toku movies is that it takes longer to view them as they are released theatrically first, then after a few months, sold on DVD which is then subbed a few weeks later) So without making you wait any longer: let's begin!
The Rider War movies are usually split into three main segments: the first segment picks up where ther previous Kamen Rider series ended and serves as a continuation. The second segment is about the current Rider, and sometimes has no effect of the main plot of the show. The final segment is the team-up segment, where both Riders come together to defeat the main villain.
The OOO segment opens with the 7 Legendary Riders kicking Waste Yummies, Masquerade Dopants, and Dustards' behinds. Apparently, Foundation X (Kamen Rider Double) has been funding a project that involves both Medals(OOO) and Switches (Fourze).
Then we see a new Rider(Poseidon) that hails from the future kill several officers of the Kougami Foundation.
For some reason Ankh has returned, which Hina gets the impression that Eiji has fixed the core. They then discover that when Mako imploded, all the cores flew into the future and were absorbed accidentally by Miharu, turning him evil.
He was meant to be a Rider, but due to his fear of water, he wasn't able to be Kamen Rider Ocean, which the future Kougami then gave him the power to be Poseidon, before succumbing to the Medals. They defeat Poseidon and Miharu returns to the future, which shortly after Ankh disappears. Eiji reveals he never fixed the Core and Ankh probably came from the future, giving them hope that he will return. Suddenly Foundation members arrive and take Poseidon's Medals.
This segment is simply delightful. I was a huge fan of OOO though the ending of the series left me with an empty feeling. I felt that the story didn't resolve in a truly satisfying way, which mostly applied to Ankh's death and Eiji's loss of using OOO, which this segment fixed immediately. The action was amazing, namely the first fight with Date and Gotou vs Poseidon. The only thing I can complain on is the Power Ranger-esque explosions that appear behind Eiji in one scene, though the attack was a slash that was straightforward.
Also the fight in the Cous Coussiere was extrordinary, showing that Shu(Eiji) and Ryosuke(Ankh) are more than capable fighters! Also Sotonaka manages to bust some moves.
My waifu!
We then cut to Fuuto where Shoutaro intercepts some Foundation X members transporting something called SOLU.
It's so good to see Shoutaro in action again! Meanwhile, the space goop (SOLU) goes down a drain and excapes.
Cut to Amanogawa High School and the Kamen Rider Club is participating in a festival(NOTE: This takes place after Fourze has just received Switch #20: Fire)
And people say I'M a dork? Anyway, a girl falls from the sky and Gentarou catches her.
Ok, forget Satonaka, THIS IS MY WAIFU! A fight then ensues where Nadeshiko(girl that fell from sky) transforms into a female version of Fourze!
Even her henshin is ADORABLE! >.<
AND she attacks with a bear hug?! *throws on Monster Suit*
Gen-chan, you perv!
They wrap up the fight and Gentarou then goes out with Nadeshiko
My KAWAII meter is off the charts!!! Ok it doesn't take you long to realize that Nadeshiko is actually the SOLU that took the form of the actual Nadeshiko. I won't give much else away cause, well just watch it :,(
This segment is just GREAT. The romance between Nadeshiko and Gentarou is ADORABLE to say the least. I've always enjoyed the fight scenes in Fourze too so there's nothing to complain about.. Well... there is ONE thing … :,(
The next segment involves Fourze, OOO, Double, and the 7 Legendary Riders kicking villain booty. 
This final segment is action packed and does NOT dissapoint. All in all the ENTIRE film is GREAT. It gives me a much more satisfied ending to OOO, it's nostalgic to see Double fight again, and Fourze has been nothing but a great series. The fight scenes are STUPENDOUSLY choreographed and there wasn't a single moment where I felt uninterested. This is a MUST watch for fans of Double, OOO, and Fourze. Oh before I forget, the movie ends with a sneak peek at Kamen Rider Meteor, Fourze's secondary Rider.
I LOVE this Rider War movie and will definitely be looking forward to the Super Hero Taisen Movie which will pit Sentai against Riders!
Aw.... :,)

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