Friday, July 22, 2011

MAS's rants under 500 words- Follow up and corrections over "Mortal Kombat > Capcom"

How is it going everyone? I’m MAS8705 and who would have guessed how much can happen in a single week? In just the last few days, we got some major news from both games I discussed in my previous rant, so because of this, might as well do my first follow up, where I plan on “amending” whatever I said previously, meanwhile to add in things that has just happened. Let’s get started…

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As I said in the previous rant, I didn’t base my assumptions of how “Mortal Kombat is better than Marvel vs capcom 3” as per the downloadable content. Before I start talking about Capcom, I just want to get Mortal Kombat out of the way really fast…

Since the beginning of the summer, we were told that Mortal Kombat was going to get four new characters being added on each month for five dollars each. We were told about Skarlett, the ninja chick has is made of blood (and showers in it), Kenshi, the blind swordsman that is apparently very broken, Rain, the purple ninja (purple rain, ha ha) who uses water (and sometimes lightning) to beat his foes as the first three characters, with a fourth remaining a mystery. This was driving some people into speculations thinking that it was going to be either Frost or Fujin, but low and behold, we get the one person, no one could have possibility guessed… Freddy Krueger!

Something I bet no one ever saw coming. At least it makes sense that you have people like Freddy or Kratos in Mortal Kombat than having Star Wars in Soul Calibur (“A long time ago was back” during the 16th century?) Anyway, check out Freddy in action.

On onto Marvel vs Capcom 3, where right after my previous post, it was indeed confirmed, including 12 new characters. Funny how when we were shown the first four characters, the other eight also got leaked,



Doctor Strange


Ghost Rider

Frank West



Iron Fist

Phoenix Wright


Strider Hiryu

Rocket Raccoon


One thing I forgot to mention was that due to a certain disaster that hit Japan earlier in the year, it had screwed up Capcom’s ability to release DLC, so instead of new characters being added on, we only get the two that were already on the disk. In fact, a few of the character listed above were going to be those DLC. Still, this doesn’t change the fact though that this is still Capcom’s way of getting more cash, by re-releasing a newer version on disk than simply doing an add-on (like they did with the Arcade Edition of Super Street Fighter 4). Also they decided to add a spectator mode, but again, they should have added it much sooner. If the roster proves anything though, it is that we want a raccoon more than a duck (howard), a lot of people from the previous game are still left out (venom, gambit, Cyclops, Cable, Ken, Sakura, Bison, Dan, the list goes on), and how Capcom seems to officially hate Mega Man! As much as I would love to discuss Mega Man more, my word limit is almost up, but next time on 500 word rants, I will be going into more details about Megaman’s decline in the World of Capcom and Video games. Until then, I’m MAS8705, and that was my Follow-up Rant under 500 words.

Word Count: 498

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