Monday, July 25, 2011

Shiro 4koma #2- Megaman 3 Cancelled

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Cyberpunkish here, with another 4Koma commentary.

I guess it’s kind of a given to tell you folks that the recent cancellation news hit me pretty hard. I’ve been a hardcore Megaman fan since I was 2. My parents had just bought a NES after I was born (The 80’s, for those that don’t know) and they had many games on it. I had beaten Super Mario Brothers when I was 2, or so my mother says. I was too young to remember myself. Among the games they had, the main ones I would play throughout childhood were Metroid, Super Mario Bros, Excite Bike, ect. Ect.

One day they brought home a little game called Megaman 2. I believe I was about… 5, give or take, and when I popped that game in I was GONE. Sun up to sun down I was in the Mega-zone. Even when I started school, all I did was talk about Megaman. Go home, play Megaman. Take my bath and play Megaman. So yeah, when I say I grew up with the Blue Bomber, I mean it.

When I heard that Rockman Legends 3 was coming to the 3DS I fangazmed all over the place. Participated in the Dev Room blogs, shared fun links on Facebook, did some Fan art… Man. I just KNEW there was nothing that would prevent this game from taking off. The community had spoken. THIS WOULD HAPPEN!

Or not…

I still hope against hope that someone, somewhere, will decide “Hey… Remember how we canceled Dash 3? What if… now hear me out on this… what if… we didn’t…”

Someday… Someday…

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