Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rich Boy proves how "rich" he is

Hello everyone! Rich Boy Cy is back with mixed feelings this week. You see, I want to hate Capcom Right now. For many reasons. First and foremost, No Rockman Dash 3. Second, they ruined Dante and are still planning on releasing this godforsaken Devil May Cry reboot. Third, rumor has it Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright may not see the light of day in the states. Same goes for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD… Oh and lets not forget they are releasing what SHOULD be a DLC expansion called Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom as a full game, THE SAME YEAR THEY RELEASED THE ORIGINAL TITLE! I mean what the he-


Strider is IN?!?


Forgive me fans, but I have to buy it now. Even if it means supporting everything I hate. You see, two years ago if you told me I’d be hating Capcom more than Brussel sprouts, I’d have told you you were stupid. I was a huge Capcom Fanboy… But now things have changed… It’s as if they are TRYING to piss us all off. But they know they can get away with it because there are people like me around who will buy games like Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom at full price just because of one good character. Oi…

Wait… What’s this in the mail?
Oooo.,, It’s from “The Man.”
Hey! Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3! Guess I won’t have to buy it after all!

HAHA! Time to go screw with Mike!

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