Wednesday, August 17, 2011

He's Dedicated to Roses

Status: Ongoing

Read: Left to Right

Stars: 7/10


------story: 9/10

----artistry: 7/10

--------flow: 6/10

"My" Summary:

Ida is a girl.

Forced to bow and scrape to Miss Mimi-- a pretty, rich girl who's personality makes her Queen of Bitch-dom....and making Ida's life miserable is just one of the perks that come with the crown.
In order to relieve the stress of her life as a girl, Ida dresses as a boy in secret; and with her two friends---who just think she's a girly guy---they go and beat the crap out of people.Sounds like fun, right?It is until Gang Naru sees her fighting form and falls in love with her.---and all the while thinking that Ida is a guy---Now everyone thinks that handsome Naru is (sadly) GAY!!!Ida really want's to tell him the truth!But what if her classmates--who follow Mimi's example of friendship--find out?!Miss Mimi has the fate of Ida's family in the palm of her hand.............and she definately won't like what Ida's doing.

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