Friday, August 19, 2011

CONTEST TIME! (for those going to EPCON)

Check here for all the info you need about EPCON.

So there's this comic convention I helped video tape all the panels for last year called the El Paso Comic Con, or EPCON for short. I did some other stuff as well such as this small video about what your zombie survival plan would be... but that was all back when the founding members of this blog were still known by another name... but that's in the past where as EPCON is back for a second year in a mere 3 weeks! Exciting right? I personally think so because this year I, as reader//watcher[girl], am sponsoring a 2 day "Anime Theater" (or festival, call it what you like). Here's a breakdown of what the current plan is to show.

Day 1- Science Fiction
Zaion ~I wish you were Here~ in it's entirety
Macross Frontier ep 1-2
Project Blue Earth SOS ep 1-2
Jyu-oh-sei ep 1-2
Galaxy Railways ep 1-3
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time movie

Day 2- Zombies and a bit of others
I am the Zombie!? ep 1-2
High School of the Dead ep 1-4
Kurozuka ep 1-2
Ga-rei Zero ep 1
Tokyo Majin ep 1-2
Phoenix ep 12-13
Batman Gotham Knight in it's entirety

You'll also see plenty of the Augmented Reality crew at the convention. They have a booth, and I'll be there at different times during the day when my buddy Elijah is running the anime room for me. Well be filming different parts of the convention, asking attendees random questions and a few other things so please swing by the booth! I'll also be hosting a History of Manga panel the first day (saturday the 10th of September) when the convention starts. So attend that if you can ^_^ I'll probably be giving away something special at my panel, so be there just in case I do.

BUT I'm actually giving away some sweet prizes based solely on Augmented Reality readers. So far I have a 3 piece set of Magical Modoka buttons from Robo Gato's first set of gashapon buttons. I managed to score myself the entire set but had a few duplicates, I even managed to get two of the rare special edition one (Ricky only made 6 of em!), so one of those is part of the prize package I'm putting together.

I'll be adding more as the days and weeks past for the con so keep checking back on this entry to see the new ones. I'll also be posting updates on the r//w[g] Facebook page, so keep and eye there as well.

How to Win:
1) be sure to like/friend all these FB pages-
Augmented Reality
3) Complete all of these-
a) draw Akia as if she were attending a comic convention
b) write a haiku about going to a comic convention
c) take a creative picture that promotes the El Paso Comic Convention
d) give Ricky at Robo Gato a handshake and tell him he has to let Alicia know "your name" did so (make sure it's the name you submit in your email)
e) let me know what your favorite Zombie and science fiction anime are
f) submit a picture of your best undead face, and one of your best super hero pose
4) Leave a comment that says something about how you found out about Augmented Reality Online Magazine.
5) fill this out an email it to
Your Name (like this Alicia B)
Best way to contact you if you win
If I have permission so show your submission on Augmented Reality

In order to pick up your prizes you will have to come to the "Anime Theater" (festival) at anytime the convention is running. If I'm not in the room at the time ask the staff member who is in the room when I'll be back and I'll be sure to get you your prizes as soon as possible. I'll give further instructions on how to prove you are the winner once that time comes XD

Prizes are currently tentative and may change!
I might have multiple sets of prizes if there is a big enough response to this blog and on the Augmented Reality Facebook page.


The 3 Magical Modoka buttons that are marked (I might attempt to get the rest of the set for you before the convention buuuut that's a maybe)

Tsukihime DVD 1
Tsukihime Volume 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

A custom free scarf commission from Akia
I'll show you more examples if you win. This prize will not be given out at the convention but closer to the cold months in El Paso. If you happen to be out of town... I might still be able to ship one to you or switch this to an art commission... well see

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