Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MAS's Rants under 500 words: Renting Games becoming more difficult?

How is it going everyone? This is MAS8705, and today I’m going to rant on something that has rubbing me the wrong way for the last few months; renting games. No articles to share, no pictures to show, no videos to watch; this is going to be a flat-out rant this time, so if you are looking for humor in this one, you might be disappointed. I promise though, the next rant will be more clever. Until I get around to the next rant, let’s get this one over with...

*start the count…*

With the increase of people using Netflix, it would seem that video rentals are becoming obsolete. I can’t say for sure what alternate video rental places there are outside of blockbuster, but there was one called Hollywood Video in El Paso, Texas. It was a great place considering how their selection of movies and games was much bigger than blockbuster. Sadly they had to close due to the economy. This means that Blockbuster is the only place you can go to rent anything. While this isn’t really a problem per ce, it is getting irritating that I can’t find the new games to rent. Recently, I wanted to rent Alice: Madness returns and the new Dynasty Warriors Gundam game, but they aren’t at any of the blockbusters; all they have new is Duke Nukem Forever (A rant of Duke Nukem in the future? Time will tell…) and I really don’t want to waste my time with that game. What really pisses me off though is that all the other blockbusters outside of El Paso has the games available. Am I missing something here? Why the hell does El Paso get left out but other cities get the chance at these games?

Recently, Redbox also has begun to carry games as well. This is great because it works in the same way that you pay for the time you want to hang on to it. This would be even better though if they had more of a selection. Yes, you can claim that because they just barely started, thus they don’t have much, but they have a “Coming Soon” where they show what games they are going to add. They don’t have these games mentioned from earlier, but they are going to have the Smurfs soon. O yeah, Smurf takes a higher priority in the view of the distributors.Heaven knows that the game is going to completely suck.

Before you start saying “Why don’t you just get Gamefly then?” Well, I don’t have a thing against Gamefly, but I don’t like the idea of having to pay a subscription fee if I don’t plan on renting games every month. Not to mention something could happen in the mail system that you could get blamed. So where am I going with this?Simple really, Blockbuster needs to stop neglecting the gamers; otherwise if they do go bankrupt, the gamers are really going to suffer. Otherwise, I really hope that we will get to see a Netflix type service soon. There is Onlive but I haven’t heard much from it yet, but I don’t think they work in the way that Netflix does on the xbox, PS3, and Wii. All I can hope for is that if it does have to come to Netflix, I can put a freeze to subscriptions if I decide I don’t want to rent anything for the month. This is MAS8705, and that was my rant under 500 words.

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