Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[GIS] Basic Supplies // What Akia's' Working On

[check out the Basic Supplies entry]

I decided that since I am no longer a beginner Gundam builder that I'd share my tips and techniques for building kits. I'll be going over supplies (basic, advance and specialty), types of grades, pre-build tips (for all sorts of kits whether they're super deformed, high grade, no grade, etc), building tips, finishing tips and more. I'll also be getting together a few review videos and a list of places you can get kits and supplies either in El Paso or online as well as how to videos. I know some people are visual learners while others learn by reading ^_^

Currently I'm working on two kits both of which that are Astray Red Frames. I'm also learning how to use metal files since the type of files I was using didn't leave the Gundam pieces on a previous kit smooth :( One of the kits is a master grade and the other is a SD.

This one is master grade. It's going to take me a while to build due to the complexity of the panel lining. I plan to make a review video once I have finished this kit. I also plan on taking some really good pictures of mine when it's done. This has been a dream kit of mine for a while.

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