Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An update from the editor [#1]

Hey Guys! Akia here with some updates regarding what the AugReal crew has been up to and why some of our articles were late this past week. I personally apologize for that and hope you can forgive us!

First order of business is what we've been up to. Mike, Ruben, MAS and I were at the Fellow Anime Lovers Convention this past weekend where we hosted several panels (namely Mike's fanfiction panel, my History/ showcase of anime and manga plus a plethora of trivia panels of all types), helped with registration and other duties as main staff members. It was an enjoyable time of which we were able to get several hours of footage so you can look forward to some coverage to be posted on our YouTube page in the coming weeks. OH, and we did get a "live" podcast recorded, so that should be out soon as well.

Due to preparation for the convention on Wed-Friday of last week, Rich Boy Cy was postponed until today. Again I apologize to any RBCy fans who had been looking forward to last weeks video and had to wait 'till this week. In order to thank y'all for your patience Cy and I are working on a bonus video for his behind the scenes YouTube that will also be posted some time today or tomorrow at the latest in bonus to also getting a full video on Thursday. Cyberpunkish is also working on his Shiro comic which was suppose to be out yesterday but due to me having a recovery day from the convention he focused more on building a real grade Gundam... hey, he has his hobbies too besides being rich and bragging about it you know!

Lastly, I did publish this weeks Anime of the Week but I decided to move it back to it's original location on the reader//watcher[girl] blog. Feel free to view it here. You can also expect a Gundam related article from me this week. I've recently picked up a new tool that'll help with making my Gundam kits look more professional and look forward to sharing a technique to do so.

Thanks again for your patience with us and I look forward to your comments on the several things mentioned in this update.

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