Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rich Boy Cy on The Rocky Horror Picture Show

So… Which one of us is writing this article? It’s me! Cyberpunkish! Rich Boy Cy is my Twin brother. Cy decided to dump all this on me so… You know… I told him if he let me keep Catherine and bought me a Gundam Model Kit, then hell yeah I’d do it!

So basically what we have for you all today are two different viewpoints.

The Movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Location: Outside the Plaza theater.

The Crowd: VAST

It was amazing! But I go through all of that in my video portion. Cy hated it. He was pelted with a Hotdog and toilet paper! WAHAHA! So watch these two videos and enjoy! We’ll have more Rich boy next week, as well as my interview with Dj Shonen Neko Takaya! Take care everyone!

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