Friday, August 19, 2011

Awesome videos on Youtube (WIP TITLE)

How’s it going everyone? This is MAS8705, and welcome to a new segment on Augmented Reality that I like to call, “Awesome Videos I found on Youtube” or something like that… I’m not really good at putting titles on new topics, but hey, let’s call it a W.I.P.

Anyway, how this works is simple. Sometimes when I go on youtube, I see this one video that makes me go back and watch it several times over just because it is that awesome. Granted that in the future I might use one session to post my own created videos or material, but we can hold off on that for the moment. So once a week, might as well give it credit for all to see. Sometimes I’ll feature one video, or sometimes I’ll feature more than one, depending on what I can find in the week. Another reason why I did this was that back at FAL-Con, one follower of the show approached me and told me that she liked my rants, and had no idea that Freddy Kruger was going to be in Mortal Kombat. It was a pretty awesome feeling to have to know that not only does someone read your work, but also thanks you for it. Also I am willing to leave this open to other fellow bloggers that want in on this fun too, the last I want to do is to be doing it solo (although with Freddy and the “Good Vs Evil” and the Top 5 EVO moments, might as well make this a segment in itself right?)

So let’s begin, shall we? This first video actually was posted a few days ago by “CookieWaits” which is a mashup of Tom Waits and Cookie Monster called God’s away on Business. When you watch the video, you might be surprised to hear how closely this guy’s voice matches Cookie Monster. I’ve seen this guy’s music video and it is hard to believe that his low tone of a voice seems to be cookie monster. Anyway, this guy uses various clips from Sesame Street to match Cookie Monster’s lips to the song and it comes out especially well! Watch closely and be amazed, meanwhile look out for the part with the typewriter, that part came out especially well…

Next video was from a week or so ago that also inspired me to start this new segment. It is from user “Trpchakai” which she shows off her “Wheatley Puppet” from Portal 2. While most people usually have some very cheap knock off of a character, this Weatley is eerie realistic with its eye movements. Of course the blasted doll squeaks when it moves, but look at it! (I would throw in that clip of Patrick’s look at it clip, but this is far from ugly). If this proves anything, it is that the mechanics in Portal’s Cores is actually possible! Someone in Disney needs to approach Valve to do something portal related so that we can really see what this can accomplish.

Finally might as well round it off with three in order to start off on the right foot… Err.. Give me a minute… Alright here we go.

Now why would I post this video? Well this week, the Nostalgia Critic posted a video of the Top 11 Best Batman TAS episodes and his number 9 was actually this episode, “Mad Love”. While the critic always has great points (and points out great moments from the episodes), he left out this one part of batman actually laughing. Batman Laughing? Isn’t that one of the few things in this world that can cause it to end abruptly?

I’m surprised that no one has made this clip on youtube yet, and even if they did, I couldn’t find it anywhere… Like the old saying, if you want something done, do it yourself… Anyway, I can understand how this can be overlooked, but still, that would have been perfect to point out…

Anyway these are some of the awesome videos I found this week, I hoped you enjoyed and will come back next week to enjoy more. As a special bonus, here is one of the best lines from Batman TAS.

What does this scene and “The Dark Knight” have in common? The Joker Burns Two-Face! (Kudos to VenomShock for that joke).

Thanks for watching, and if you have any videos that you would like to share, be sure to either leave a comment or send me a message. See you next time...

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