Friday, August 12, 2011

This month (and last week of July) in Gaming History

How is it going everyone? This is MAS8705 and for today’s rant, I’ve decided to take things easy this time. There will be another 500 word rant later, but for today’s talk, it will be a little more informative than usual, so sit back, relax and be sure to read and watch. I’m going to tackle three things in today’s post.

First off, before I get started, I would like to say that while I do pick the topics for the rants at random, I also would like to start taking requests on topics that you think I should discuss. If I started off with Nintendo Porn, I am practically open to any suggestions. Just be sure to keep it as clean as possible and have a link to the article (if there is one) so that I can do a proper research before performing my rant. So after you finish reading this week’s Rant under 500 words, you are welcome to leave a comment below to suggest new rants or email me for anything you would like to see. Now why would I go through the hassle of explaining that? Well, to be honest, I am running out of ideas. It is one thing to crack two rants a week, but it is another to have constant ideas available.

Now then, let’s talk about big events in gaming that happened earlier this month. As some of you gamers know, earlier last week we had EVO, which is a worldwide fighting tournament that features the greatest fighters from around the world playing games like Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, Mortal Kombat, Blazeblue: Continuum Shift II, and Tekken 6. In case you missed the action, you can always look up the videos, BUT you will find it much easier to just watch this video.

Each of these moments are mind blowing. I mean, an 8 year old who moved to the top 48 in MvC3 (what did you accomplish when you were eight?!), Justin Wong still pleasing the crowd, deadpool trolling, and some of the best fights you will ever see in street fighter. I saw some of those fights in Super street fighter 4, and my mind was blown watching each fight in the finals. If you have the chance, I would highly recommend watching the finals, for you will not witness such great fight anywhere else.

Now there was one other event that happened this month, in fact it was this last weekend. Recently there has been in increased rise of charity marathons that feature “Games being done quick Quick.” There have been marathons for All Zelda games, Final fantasy games, Mario games, sonic games, Kirby games, resident evil games, and so on. While I almost named off all the Bonus stage marathons, they weren’t the ones in action this weekend. Over at Speed Demos Archive, we got “Summer Games Done Quick” that featured 50 different games beaten in just over 50 hours. I know what you are thinking, “wouldn’t they play 50 short games to finish it easy? You would think so, but games like Castle Crashers, Rayman 2, Legend of Zelda minish cap, even Kingdom hearts 2 & birth by sleep were all shown and raised over $20k for the Organization for Autism Reasearch. Truly, it is great to see the gaming community unite together for a good cause, (previously the also did Japan Relief and prevent Cancer as well raising $25k & $53k respectively.) Funny to think of how watching someone beat a video game fast can inspire people to donate, I mean what is the deal of these “Speed Runs” anyway? Well I could tell you, but then again I have a new story idea I got to work on now. I’m MAS8705, and next time, we are talking speed runs (or Sonic when I can properly finish that topic).

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