Friday, September 16, 2011

Got my wisdom teeth out!

For those of you who listened (or will now that I've mentioned it) to episode 3 of the AugReal Podcast, I was having jaw pain before and during day 1 of EPCON 2011. I ended up going to the emergency room and was put on some pain killers that I used for a few days before going to the dentist who recommended my first step to completely getting rid of the pain was to get my wisdom teeth out.

Now I'm one of the "lucky ones" who didn't have all 4 wisdom teeth- I had two on the right and one on the left. When I went to the dental clinic on Thursday to get them removed, I wasn't experiencing much jaw pain that day which was weird considering I went 10 hours without eating, and about 14 without taking my pain or blood pressure medicine =/ So the doctor was confused because my dad had told him I could barely open my mouth. I was like "well for some reason today of all days I can" lol. Oh well. I was then given the option to get my wisdom teeth taken out or to just be put on some pain meds for 90 days to get rid of any jaw pain. I took the getting my wisdom teeth out option because it was free to me and my family rather than paying like $1k in the future.

So my mom took me to the doctor cause you have to have an escort to and from since they put you to sleep for the procedure. I was in the waiting room for maybe 20 mins before I was taken to get a panoramic xray of my teeth. That kind of hurt because my front teeth are crooked which makes biting down a bit tough. After wards I was sent back to the waiting room for like 10 more min then went in to get my blood pressure taken and to watch an informative video that usually you'd probably be shown before even scheduling a surgery. I also signed paperwork saying no im not preggo and that I saw the video and know the risks of the surgery and being put under using anesthesia. All in all, I was worried for nothing.

After talking to the doctor about my emergency room and dental trip, I was asked if I wanted the surgery. Said yes, and was taken to the operating room. Once there I was hooked up to a heart and blood pressure monitor as well as given a really warm blanket. The nurse who had given it to me said anytime she's put under a warm blanket it makes her feel like she's having a hot flash. I was like lol. She was pretty funny. She also called me a no vein wonder, and slapped me to see if she could get the veins in my elbow to show. While they did she decided to go for my hand instead since they were showing up better there.

Not too long after I was given one of those nose oxygen things, and the doctor injected some medicine into the IV and I was off to sleep. Next thing I remember is waking up at my parents place. My mom gave me some pain medicine and a strawberry slim fast which was really good. Too bad it was the only one cause I've been stuck drinking some chocolate shake one now :P

She later one went to got me some clothes and other necessities I didn't being because I honestly thought I'd only be staying over for a night or two, not 4. She also got me a Pop Star magazine probably to be funny.

Overall, I haven't had much pain today since it's my first full day of recovery (er morning cause it isn't even noon yet). Yesterday was pretty bad because any pain medicine I was given my body just had to rid itself of a few mins later >.> Now it's not so bad. I'm not taking the kind the doctor gave me because it still makes me sick so my moms been giving me over the counter stuff.

In the end, I'm not actin a fool like all those wisdom teeth YouTube videos. I think it's because I've been to the emergency room enough in my day that I don't act silly on drugs. And I'm almost always taking Tylenol for headaches so I'm pretty used to over the counter pain killers XD

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