Friday, September 30, 2011

Welcome to a New Month/ Manga Digest #1

Well! Tomorrow is the official start of October which means too many birthdays (mine and fellow blogger Ruben's included) and a lot of festive activities such as pumpkin carving, face painting, lots of bake sales and more. I personally will be involved in a some of these events, some of which are fundraisers (one in particular for FAL-Con) and others which are just for fun. Keep your browsers tuned to AugReal for more details on these events in the coming days.

With a new month, comes new blog entries- today in particular I'm starting a new series called "Manga, Light Novel & Novel Digest" where I will be introducing you to various manga and light novles newly available for purchase in English and some that I've had for a while that I feel need to be put in the spotlight; a lot of the time these spotlight manga will be part of a theme. For example, since October is starting I'll be doing a spotlight on some manga that have a horror theme. Manga isn't always released on the days a particular publisher may put as the release date, so a lot of these are ones I've personally seen at a book store already while others I'm posting based on release date. I'll also be featuring some Novels I've been reading. buuuut for this month I'm just going with manga cause there is a lot >.<

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