Monday, November 28, 2011

[Anime of the Week] Cromartie High School (11/27-12/3/2011)

My best buddies the Damn Dirt Apes (Alex, Cris, PJ) wouldn't shut up about this show so I had no choice but to watch it not that I had been planing to for a few years now but just never got around to it or had someone tell me it was good. Boy oh boy am I glad I did. This show was freaking hilarious and I wish there was more but alas there is just a live action movie and a manga but no more of the anime. I am sad. Yet not cause I could watch this one again and still laugh.

Runtime: 12min/ep

# of Eps: 26

Type: manga adaptation

Rating: T


Meet Kamiyama, the only non-deliquent at Cromartie High School. Thusly he should really be the toughest guy in class because of the logic that only a lion would lay down with a bunch of rabbits. This story follows as he meets quirky characters and goes through his days as one of the toughest (and most logical) kids in class.

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