Monday, January 16, 2012

Incoming Cirrhosis

Oh hey there little duckies, Alex here again to bring you "Bands Alex likes on ice in 3-D". We are still having some Bipolar-ass weather here; When I began this review, it was COLD AND WINDY AS FUUUUCK.


So i'm stuck inside....and you know what warms you right up?
Cocoa? No. A Snuggie? No. If you didn't answer booze you are wrong. Speaking of booze, This following band will forever make drinking fun. Korpiklaani is one of my personal favorite bands, and they drink....A LOT. Which is why this CD is a good idea for right now.

Today we will visit Korpiklaani's Sixth studio CD,Karkelo. A fun, cheerful, bouncy CD that encompasses so many positive moods that hint at "Hey man, go get some friends, and buy a buttload of Alcohol and party it up"


Not that i mean you should drink every time you feel a cool breeze. Just that after you hear today's album we might want to get a few bottles of something. Hell, "Karkelo" means frolic/party.
I think we are ready for this

While today had really shitty weather, this album just feels so upbeat, party-fillled, and just all around good humored. Like a cool happy drunk would make you feel, hugging everyone and bringing all of the good times; Karkelo could just be an album you pop in and drink booze to next to a fire or having a cool ass get together.

I will say this before i begin though. This review a sort of a pain in the ass; As much as i love Korpiklaani, the songs. Guys, The songs. Are in a Older Version of the modern Finnish dialect. Translations are gonna be approximate so sorry if i get them wrong guys.
pretty much how I was all night

The album begins with "Vodka"; the thundering plethora of bass drums, accordion, and the ever catchy chant "WODKA, WODKA, WODKA!" (they are Finnish, as in they can't really pronounce V). This song is just so groovy, so much to the point of wanting to get up and rain dance around something for the hell of it. Bar medley at its finest! Catchy as hell, check. Fun memorable song, check. bottle of Vodka, check! Hell it's even in English! Let's begin this drunken tirade!
preferably doing some of this

Second track "Erämaan Ärjyt" (close to Men of the Wild) Man claims to party all day in the sauna and drinks, fools around with girls and basically lives the dream; Lives in the forest and doesn't afraid of anything.

The next songs "Isku Pitkästä Ilosta"(Rising High, Falling Down) and "Mettänpeiton Valtiaalle"(Hidden by the Spirit of the Forest) have to do with nature. "Isku" is sort of like a story of a world war (within nature), Ragnarok comes to mind. "Mettänpeiton" is a ballad of sorts to Forest Deities."Mettänpeiton" is a Finnish folklore sort of a Rip Van Winkle, you lose yourself at the hand of mischievous gods. Starting as a slow song slowly gaining momentum with fiddles and accordions galore!

Fifth Track is a cover, "Juodaan Viina"(Let's Drink) originally by Hector. A sad song about two men slowly dwelling deeper and deeper into alcoholism, talking about life. The original song is more somber, Korpiklaani's cover gives it a sort of happy twist to it; the fast pace works so well with the serious subject matter.

The rest of the CD include many different folk tales, including finding treasure, a blacksmith who makes himself an Iron/Gold Woman, and drinking some more.

Totally Rad

The last track on this inebriated journey is "Komelo" (Hangover) title which is just perfect. A mellow instrumental with Yoik singing, is a really good way to finish up this 13 song ensemble.

While I LOVE this band/CD, there are some things I will nitpick about it. Some of the songs seem a little too rushed (in a bad way) But even then its are barley noticeable. The rest of the time you are too busy listening to the delicious, warm, happy orchestra that is "Karkelo".

While "Korpiklaani" is a Finnish band, they have a lot of success here in the states. So if you want to pick up your own copy of "Karkelo" you could probably find it at any music store for a reasonable price....Now here is the Official video for "Vodka" for you enjoyment.

Welp its raining.....That means I sense another shitty installment of "Bands that Alex likes on ice in 3-D". Until next time, Party on Little Duckies

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