Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Update from The Editor [#2]

Hey there interwebz! It is I, your fearless editor, here to update you about this here blog about any sort of fandom- from video games to books, if it has a fan base we'll more than likely post about it. Let's get on to the happenstances, where abouts, do abouts and more you may or may not know about AugReal. THUNDERCATS HO <.<

First off, many of the bloggers here at AugReal are hard at work producing many articles for your beady little eyes to read. Some popular series such as MAS's rants, Alex's CD reviews, Mike's many articles on all things he sees, and my Anime of the Week's will be continuing. We'll also be starting up some new series such as Book Reviews, coverage of upcoming games, and more. Needless to say, you'll have more to read than ever before.

Secondly, we're also hard at work on video content. I'm working on some Gundam videos ranging in reviews of kits, anime as well as some stop motion films not just limited to Gundam (I have plenty of Figma's that are great for stop motion film making). AugReal also has the pleasure of helping a local film maker with a Yu-Gi-Oh fan film. We're also going to work on a secret film project based on a foreign film as well as many other videos.

Third! AugReal members will be at the following events this month:

Days: Jan 21 & 22, 2012
Location: Corbett Center, NM
Members Attending: Alicia (Akia), Ruben, Alex, Cris, PJ
Check Out: Fellow friend, Elijah Lawson, in the artist alley. Alicia'll be watching the table a portion of the time. Also check out Iron Artist. All of us attending are planing to participate. On Sunday be sure to check out the 4 hour block of panels Gundam 101, Family Fued and Roll of Fortune. Other than that, feel free to find Sonic Man if you'd like to be in this years LCAD video!

Open Mic Night
Day: Jan 22, 2012 from 6-9pm
Location: Percolator
Memebers Attending: Mike C, MAS
Some Info: $5 to watch; $2 to participate. Proceeds going towards a scholarship for preforming artists. Don't miss it!

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