Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Hey there all you in the interwebz, been a while no? Ya... sorry about not being a good blogger here on AugReal >.> I plan to do much better in this new year! I have many new series planned and also want to get back to doing the ones I used to on my R//W[G] blog. I also really want to do better on reviewing anime, manga, novels and more for you guys! One of my passions is sharing my honest thoughts on what's out there as far as geek culture; not many female otaku's seem to review some of the "guy oriented" anime out there and I feel this may give female otaku the wrong idea about some of these anime (and manga for that matter) so it's one of my goals this year to do a better job of being a female voice in the world of male dominated otakudom. Hope you'll join me as I develop as a better writer/blogger and as an editor! Following is a list of series I'll be continuing and new ones I plan to try out ^_^

1) Anime of the Week - It's a pretty simple series. I usually pick one I have finished that re-caught my eye recently or one that's currently playing in Japan. I'll even sometimes put a "why'd a bother" for a series that's kind of worth watching but could easily just be passed on.
2) Anime, Manga, Novel, Visual Novel and more Reviews
3) Manga and Anime Line-up

1) 100 Books in a Year (reviews and spotlights)- Before reading a book (or after a few chapters) I'll be posting spotlights with basic info such as authors previous work, a summary and possible page count. After finishing a book i'll either make a video review or type one up. I have a goal of reading 100 books this year... it's a tough goal.

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