Saturday, July 21, 2012

Alicia // "Akia-chan"

Name: Alicia Bracken
Blog Nick Name: Akia Tomiyo aka Akia-chan
About the Nick Name: In middle school one of my friends was taking an introduction to various languages class. One of the languages was Japanese. She was learning the basic alphabet and wanted to write out my name but since there is no L in the Japanese alphabet she used the letters for "A" and "Ki". The Tomiyo part I really have no idea... I just remember that sounding like a cool last name.
Role: Editor-in-chief
Specialties: All things "otaku" such as manga, anime, dramas and the like.
Add Akia on the web:

Hi interwbz, as you can see I am Akia and I'm here to bring you coverage on all things otaku while helping out the Augmented Reality crew with convention coverage, original films and anything else we can come up with. I've been blogging since early 2008 when I was part of Itadakimasu! Studios (a website dedicated to being otaku through podcasts, a webzine and original videos), then later joined up with NewTypeZone (which was being hosted on a forum with plans to eventually expand to being a webzine as well). In early 2009 I even started my own blog, Reader//Watcher[girl], which I used that format to help co-find Augmented Reality which is a mash up of my blogging/vlogging (I used to do a vlog series on YouTube called "An Akia Vlog") format with The Captain M Show. I hope you'll stick around as long as we are here to make content!

I've also staffed and volunteered at many conventions including but not limited to WinterCon, SummerCon, The El Paso Comic Con and Fellow Anime Lovers Convention. I much prefer being one of the hands that put a convention together in El Paso rather than just attending. Helping out is a lot of fun and a real magical experience. I can't say I've ever had a bad experience <3 Also being part of AugReal has defiantly gotten me into the door at a lot of convention and events.

Cartoon: Adventure Time & Regular Show
Anime: My Sister Can't Be This Cute & The World God Only Knows
Manga: Elfen Lied
Drama: 1 Litre of Tears
Movie: The Girl Who Lept Through Time
Book: Uglies series
Food: (good) fried Okra
Game System: anything Sony
Game: Trauma Center, Pheonix Wright, Katawa Shoujo

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