Saturday, July 21, 2012

[Manga of the Week] Blank Slate // Otomen (7/22-28/2012)

Image copyright goes to Aya Kanno and Hakusensha.

Normally I would only pick one manga title for this feature but due to the fact both of these titles are drawn by the same artist and are equally good I decided to feature both.So I guess this is technically a special edition of AOW buuuuuuuuuuuut I won't label it as one XD

Blank Slate
# of volumnes:2
Rating: Older Teen
Zen, a man with no memory from before being found by a band of thieves on the verge of death, and no interest in his forgotten past, wanders a war-torn country while wanted by the new government for committing unspeaking acts of evil. Not because he seeks to commit acts of evil, but simply that he does whatever, wherever, whenever, and to whomever he wants, and if a few rules or law-abiding citizens happen to be in the way then he destroys them without a moments hesitation or regret. After a chance encounter with the daughter of the army’s general, and the surviving family member of a terrorist organization, he comes to suspect someone is controlling him … a prospect he cannot accept. This drives Zen to set off with the doctor who just patched him up, a physician willing to treat any patient, to rediscover his lost past and eliminate those controlling him. All for the sake of returning to his life of complete freedom.

# of volumnes:14+
Rating: Teen
Smart, tall and handsome Asuka Masamune, chairman of the kendō team with accomplished judō and karate skills, is considered as "THE man of men" of Ginyuri Academy. However he has a big secret (or secrets): he excels at cooking, sewing, household chores and loves sweets, pink, shōjo manga and stuffed animals/plushies and is afraid of darkness. None of the above sounds "manly" in any way, and he tries hard to hide his hobbies in order to preserve his image, until he meets an extrovert girl named Ryō Miyakozuka who has just transferred to Ginyuri Academy.
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