Friday, July 13, 2012

Supah Hero Time! Bring out the Otaku Rangers!

What's up my milleniums! Blackwinged Magician is back from a short hiatus! I just premiered Yu-Gi-Oh! The Blood of Razel yesterday. I would like to extend my thanks a hundred times over to everyone here at Augmented Reality who've made these past six months a blast! I'd also like to thank SummerCon and anyone who came to the panel!
Ok now that that's out of the way, welcome to another segment of-
From now on this will be a weekly segment and I'll be reviewing tokusatsu shows (namely Kamen Rider and Super Sentai) every week! Kinda like Akia-chan's Manga of the Week, Anime of the Week, etc. And today I'm gonna take a look at Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger!
Ok So I gave you guys a brief look at Akibaranger a while back, so today, I'm gonna go more in depth with the show.
Now the show unfortunately lasted 13 episodes (the 13th being more of a clip show) but DAMN what 13 episodes those were! This series had as much character development, as much twists, and definitely as much story as a normal Sentai which runs for about 50 episodes! And you'd think you'd feel overwhelmed with a lot of stuff going on, but the beauty of Akibaranger is that you don't feel overwhelmed. The series flows nice and easy. It's prefect from start to finish and every episode had something to offer. As a matter of fact, none of the episodes just felt like fillers to me.
Now I'll go a little more in depth of the story. The first episode introduces the town of Akibahara (a true town in Japan) which is considered “otaku central”.
We meet Akagi, a 29 year old man obsessed with Sentai, Aoi-tan(an anime within the show itself) and a woman named Sayaka which he occasionally delivers packages to.
He constantly finds himself having delusions and this catches the attention of Hakase who has just enlisted Aoyagi, a martial arts student who is a closet otaku. She enlists Akagi to be an Akibaranger, while Akagi thinks he is merely being enlisted for an actual Sentai show.
Next they enlist Yumeria and the team is formed!
They are then taken to the Super Sentai Cafe, which serves as their base and all around awesome hang out spot!
Hakase and her assistant Kozkoz give the team their changers, the MMZ-01, or the Moe Moe Z-cunes and the team transforms for the first time!
The episode ends with the team meeting Malshina, having their first battle with a pretty lame anti-climax, and the team being told that the entire battle was just a delusion of theirs.
The rest of the show is just a hilarious, action-packed, perv-fest, with twists that could make your head spin. The show is beyond well and cleverly written. They say there MIGHT be a chance for a second season, and I think I speak for the countless fans when I say... TOEI IF YOU DON'T MAKE A SECOND SEASON I WILL TAKE YOUR (bleep) AND RUN IT THROUGH A WOOD CHIPPER!

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