Sunday, August 19, 2012

[Anime of the Week] .hack//Beyond the World (8/19-25/2012)

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I've always been a pretty hard core .hack fan so seeing a movie that takes place more so outside of the game world seemed, and turned out to be a pretty good concept. This isn't your run of the mill .hack due to the movie taking place more so outside of the game, but we still have some familiar parts such as the return of Aura and Kite. The best part is this movie was released as a hybrid bluray with a VERSES fighting game taking place in the .hack universe but we'll probably never seen a NA release as the PSP game never came here :(
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Type: game
Synopsis:In 2024 almost every teenager plays the online game The World. FMDs (Face Mounted Display) can now connect to your phone and you can play online even on the go. Technology has evolved to incorporate more connectivity via the internet, and even tests are now done on a touch-screen computer. However for 17 years old Sora this matters little. She comes from a strict home and has never played any computer game. That is until she reluctantly tried The World and learns the joys of adventuring in a virtual world with friends. But not all is well in The World: a malicious virus has been spreading around the net and will soon cause a new network crisis. Aura, the omnipotent goddess of The World has devised a plan to stop the virus, and although Sora might not know it yet that plan requires her cooperation.

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