Monday, August 6, 2012

John the Magician!

Name: John Browning
Blog Nick Name: The Black-Winged Magician
About the Nick Name: In all reality, I just though it would sound cool. When Augmented Reality decided to take me in, I saw Akia and Ruben (AKA SonicMan) and I thought they had dope nicknames and I thought it'd be cool if I made one of my own. At the time, I was just getting back into anime and the main object of my attraction was Yu-Gi-Oh!. I was surrounded by cards and one of the first rare cards I had managed to get at that time was Black-Winged Dragon. I also ADORE the Dark Magician so I mixed 'em both together and BAM!
Role: Director, founder of ShaDa Productions and Tokusatsu expert.
Specialties: Major Toku otaku. Let's just say I'm a white scarf and a few years away from being Akagi.

Add John on the web:

Hello my milleniums! If you have no idea why I call y'all that, then you really have no idea who I am! Allow me to edumacate you. I'm John Browning, an up and coming director here. I'm pretty much a newbie still, but I'm learning about the scene. I started directing back in early 2011 with Kamen Rider DX, a fan-made Kamen Rider series. Lot of blood sweat and tears were put in but to no avail. I came up with the Blood of Razel concept around Jan., hit up Robo Gato for a little help and six months later here we are! At first, my basic game plan was to just reach out to Anime conventions, but since the wrap up of my first film, my plans are getting bigger and bigger by the minute! Along with Mike Cervantes, Ruben Rascon and MAS I have started a small production group called ShaDa Productions, otherwise known as Shadow Days Productions. Our mission is to make crazy and whacky films! If you're interested, hit us up at! Or contact our Facebook.

Other than workin' on films, I'm also the local Toku expert here at Augmented Reality. I write articles called Supah Hero Time! I review tokusatsu shows and if you don't know what those are you can (sustained bleep) because even they are ashamed of you!... Just kidding ^.^ just check out my first Supah Hero Time here for a brief description! 

Super Sentai: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and JyuKen Sentai Gekiranger
Kamen Rider: W(Double) and Fourze
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist (both the original and Brotherhood)
Manga: Rosario+Vampire
Other Show: Awkard
Movies: Watchmen and SuckerPunch
Book: Chance Fortune and the Outlaws
Food: Fried Rice and good ol' Chinese buffet noodles.
Game System: PS2 and Xbox 360
Games: Bayonetta, Kingdom Hearts 2, and Dead Space

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