Monday, August 6, 2012

Brandon // "Mr Fluffy Snorlax"

Name:Brandon Dominguez
Blog Nick Name: Mr Fluffy Snorlax
About the Nick Name: Well "Fluffy" was back when I would flip out over anything furry; cats, stuffed animals, even clothing; "Snorlax" is more of a coma joke that goes well with me sleeping a lot, "Mr" I have no idea but I like the sound of it.
Specialties: I get the team snacks, gourmet style

I've never worked on sites and I have no idea if I'll be good at it. I just need something to do when I'm awake I follow any big things going on. And my interests very from My Little Pony, to High School of The Dead.

Cartoon: Adventure Time
Anime: Trigun and Gurren Lagann
Manga:Scott Pilgrim, Hellsing, Black Butler, and D.N.Angel
Movie: All Batmans
Book:World War Z
Food: All food
Game System:PS3 and Wii
Game: Shooter, RPG, hack and slashes

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