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Episode 48 of Kamen Rider Fourze came out this last weekend, bringing end to one of the most amazing and memorable Kamen Rider series I have ever had the pleasure of watching, and that's something coming from me. 
I mean, when I first heard the rumors and saw the suit and saw the switches and even when I saw how Gentarou was supposed to look, I flat out hated it. I had for some reason always hated the whole pompadour style, especially in animes, and when I saw our protagonist was going to sport one, I immediately had a hate for the character. At first the design looked horrendous. I took one look at that rocket helmet and I groaned out loud. I had no intentions of watching it nor did I think it would amount to anything great.... HOLY #@$ WAS I WRONG. This has GOT to be one of the best written and best casted shows I have seen since Kamen Rider Double and Shinkenger, my two all time favorites. I'm going a little more in depth here than I usually will, so please bear with me while I have my fangasm.
So Fourze premiered back in 2011, airing alongside of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, until that show ended and it aired the remainder of it's episodes along with the current sentai, Go-Busters. The show revolves around the students of Amanogawa High School, namely Gentarou Kisaragi, a transfer student who looks like a “bad boy” but has a heart of gold.
Upon first arriving, he encounters Kengo Utahoshi, who very rudely tells a girl off who gave him a love letter. Kengo immediately despises Gentarou and simply ignores him as he goes to retrieve the love letter which Kengo threw away. Kengo then meets up with his classmate Yuki, and we briefly learn about “Zodiarts” which are students that have been turning into monsters with the aid of “Switches”. To Kengo's dismay, we learn that Gentarou has been assigned to his homeroom.
Gentarou's main goal to become friends with everyone in the Amanogawa High, and trust me, he genuinely wants to be friends with everyone.
We also learn that apparently Gentarou and Yuki were close friends when they were children. Later on, Gentarou roams around the cafeteria, and we see two other side characters, JK, a “hip” guy who serves as an informant and Tomoko, an odd goth who keeps to herself.
As Gentarou greets everyone, he makes the horrible mistake of sitting at the “cool kids” table and people start murmering. Enter Miu, the “Queen” and Shun, the “King” of Amanogawa. They immediately insult Gentarou and when he begins to fight back, Shun has the football team grab Yuki and threaten to hurt her unless he listens to them. Reluctantly, he goes outside and begins getting beaten up by Shun, This ends, however when they are attacked by a Zodiart.
The entire football team runs, leaving Gentarou to fight the Orion Zodiart, who doesn't take even a scratch from Gentarou's beating.
When all seems lost, Kengo appears, manning the Power Dizer, a robotic suit that puts immense strain on him. We also find out that this is also due to the fact that Kengo has an odd sickness that cause him to cringe in pain every so often.
Shortly after the fight, we see Kengo and Yuki entering through a locker, which through cosmic power, serves as a gateway to the Rabbit Hutch, a base on the moon which apparently was left to Kengo by his father, along with the Power Dizer, Fourze Driver and plans for several Switches. Yuki reminds him that he is too weak to handle the Fourze system, and just then, they hear a familiar voice.
Gentarou had followed them to the Rabbit Hutch and heard the whole story.
He volunteers to fight as Fourze, and before Kengo can argue, he is struck by another wave of pain, and Gentarou leaves with the belt.
Gentarou immediately encounters the Orion Zodiart and Yuki instructs him on how to transform into Fourze.
We see Fourze fighting the Orion Zodiart, displaying a number of switches including Rocket, Launcher, Chainsaw and Radar, each which provide Fourze with distinct and awesome weapons on his hands or legs.
Fourze then performs a Limit Break, or final attack, and a pretty awesome one at that, and defeats the Zodiart. 
Kengo appears, manning the Power Dizer and grabs Gentarou, with intentions to hurt him.
The rest of the show is an explosion of awesomeness, with UNFORGETTABLE characters, a beautiful storyline, unbelievable twists and explosive action. Even the suit grew on me and remains one of my all time favorite suit design for Riders. This series took me by surprise and it now holds a deep place in my heart. It has great morals, great episodes, it's just great! Sadly, it finished the past Sunday. But this isn't it! I will write a full overview of the characters soon, for all Fourze fans who have already watched the series. If you haven't watched it GET TO IT! Now, all that's left is to look forward to Kamen Rider Wizard.

[Anime of the Week] Sword Art Online (8/26-9/1/2012)

Image copyright goes out to A1 Pictures.

SAO screamed ".hack//" to me when I first started watching this what turned out to be wonderful anime. While this anime does share similar elements with .hack// (people getting stuck in an mmo world with only a drastic means of escape); so far the anime has proven to be different enough to not only be enjoyable but seen as its series. Unlike .hack//, this one is based on a series of light novels rather than a video game series.

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Type: light novel
Synopsis:In the near future, a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online has been released where players control their avatars with their bodies using a piece of technology called Nerve Gear. One day, players discover they cannot log out, as the game creator is holding them captive unless they reach the 100th floor of the game's tower and defeat the final boss. However, if they die in the game, they die in real life. Their struggle for survival starts now...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

EP-con 2012: Anime Theater Schedule

The El Pas Comic Con is only 2 weeks away! With that Augmented Reality is proud to present our readers with a first view of the Anime Theater Schedule for this years EP-Con.
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

[Anime of the Week] .hack//Beyond the World (8/19-25/2012)

Image copyright goes out to CC2 Sai

I've always been a pretty hard core .hack fan so seeing a movie that takes place more so outside of the game world seemed, and turned out to be a pretty good concept. This isn't your run of the mill .hack due to the movie taking place more so outside of the game, but we still have some familiar parts such as the return of Aura and Kite. The best part is this movie was released as a hybrid bluray with a VERSES fighting game taking place in the .hack universe but we'll probably never seen a NA release as the PSP game never came here :(
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Type: game
Synopsis:In 2024 almost every teenager plays the online game The World. FMDs (Face Mounted Display) can now connect to your phone and you can play online even on the go. Technology has evolved to incorporate more connectivity via the internet, and even tests are now done on a touch-screen computer. However for 17 years old Sora this matters little. She comes from a strict home and has never played any computer game. That is until she reluctantly tried The World and learns the joys of adventuring in a virtual world with friends. But not all is well in The World: a malicious virus has been spreading around the net and will soon cause a new network crisis. Aura, the omnipotent goddess of The World has devised a plan to stop the virus, and although Sora might not know it yet that plan requires her cooperation.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Aspect Ratio - Drink 'n' Draw 2012

Join Ruben Rascon III as he interviews the artists behind this year's Drink N' Draw at the North Shore Cafe, and listen in on a few special announcements for this year's Ep-Con.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

So Says The Captain - George Liquor

The Captain Returneth with a new name for his show, and a discussion about a cartoon character you may not have realized you knew anything about. Watch and be educated!

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Music by Shonen Neko Takaya, visit his YouTube at:

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Hey guys John Browning here! You really didn't think we were gonna stop at SummerCon did you? C'mocn you should know me better by now!
For those unfamiliar with Yu-Gi-Oh! The Blood of Razel, it was a fan film I directed and starred in along with some of the lovely people here at Augmented Reality. We premiered it at SummerCon and people actually were interested! So Without a further ado, I present the official trailer kicking off the countdown to the online premiere of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Blood of Razel!

Monday, August 6, 2012

John the Magician!

Name: John Browning
Blog Nick Name: The Black-Winged Magician
About the Nick Name: In all reality, I just though it would sound cool. When Augmented Reality decided to take me in, I saw Akia and Ruben (AKA SonicMan) and I thought they had dope nicknames and I thought it'd be cool if I made one of my own. At the time, I was just getting back into anime and the main object of my attraction was Yu-Gi-Oh!. I was surrounded by cards and one of the first rare cards I had managed to get at that time was Black-Winged Dragon. I also ADORE the Dark Magician so I mixed 'em both together and BAM!
Role: Director, founder of ShaDa Productions and Tokusatsu expert.
Specialties: Major Toku otaku. Let's just say I'm a white scarf and a few years away from being Akagi.

Add John on the web:

Hello my milleniums! If you have no idea why I call y'all that, then you really have no idea who I am! Allow me to edumacate you. I'm John Browning, an up and coming director here. I'm pretty much a newbie still, but I'm learning about the scene. I started directing back in early 2011 with Kamen Rider DX, a fan-made Kamen Rider series. Lot of blood sweat and tears were put in but to no avail. I came up with the Blood of Razel concept around Jan., hit up Robo Gato for a little help and six months later here we are! At first, my basic game plan was to just reach out to Anime conventions, but since the wrap up of my first film, my plans are getting bigger and bigger by the minute! Along with Mike Cervantes, Ruben Rascon and MAS I have started a small production group called ShaDa Productions, otherwise known as Shadow Days Productions. Our mission is to make crazy and whacky films! If you're interested, hit us up at! Or contact our Facebook.

Other than workin' on films, I'm also the local Toku expert here at Augmented Reality. I write articles called Supah Hero Time! I review tokusatsu shows and if you don't know what those are you can (sustained bleep) because even they are ashamed of you!... Just kidding ^.^ just check out my first Supah Hero Time here for a brief description! 

Super Sentai: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and JyuKen Sentai Gekiranger
Kamen Rider: W(Double) and Fourze
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist (both the original and Brotherhood)
Manga: Rosario+Vampire
Other Show: Awkard
Movies: Watchmen and SuckerPunch
Book: Chance Fortune and the Outlaws
Food: Fried Rice and good ol' Chinese buffet noodles.
Game System: PS2 and Xbox 360
Games: Bayonetta, Kingdom Hearts 2, and Dead Space

Brandon // "Mr Fluffy Snorlax"

Name:Brandon Dominguez
Blog Nick Name: Mr Fluffy Snorlax
About the Nick Name: Well "Fluffy" was back when I would flip out over anything furry; cats, stuffed animals, even clothing; "Snorlax" is more of a coma joke that goes well with me sleeping a lot, "Mr" I have no idea but I like the sound of it.
Specialties: I get the team snacks, gourmet style

I've never worked on sites and I have no idea if I'll be good at it. I just need something to do when I'm awake I follow any big things going on. And my interests very from My Little Pony, to High School of The Dead.

Cartoon: Adventure Time
Anime: Trigun and Gurren Lagann
Manga:Scott Pilgrim, Hellsing, Black Butler, and D.N.Angel
Movie: All Batmans
Book:World War Z
Food: All food
Game System:PS3 and Wii
Game: Shooter, RPG, hack and slashes

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Captain's Couch - EPCON 2012

The Captain, Mike Cervantes, paid a visit to Wal-Mart as well, but he don't get to stand next to some fancy bat-vehicle. No, he's gotta stand out by some girly bikes. Well, the Captain's gonna make the best of it and bring around a list of local talent to TELL you why you need to be at this year's El Paso Comic Convention.

For more info visit:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Poemic this weekend!

Tonight, and Sunday, August 3rd and 4th at 7pm each night, Join us at Poemic, at the Urban Art Gallery, 820 N. Mesa. There will be poetry, art, and exhibitions from local comic and fan groups all across El Paso. Augmented Reality will be there to film and also to take donations to go to the Giving First Fund to support victims of the Colorado shooting. It's sure to be an awesome night for fans of the printed panel!