Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cy's little shop of happy fun time

Well hi there! I didn't see you come in! My name is Steve, but you can just call me Cyberpunkish, I mean it's a hell of a lot easier to say than Steve, Right? Right. Many of you may know me from... nowhere. I have yet to really make any online waves just yet. I hope to get some web cred with this magazine though! I shall be reviewing random things throughout our time together, mainly focusing on Video Game review, but also anything that I may find interesting...

My hobbies include Bird Watching, long walks on the beach, watching Anime with my girlfriend, playing all sorts of video games with my buds, building Gunpla, collecting anime figures, and pretty much anything related to Asuka from Evangelion (Don't tell anyone, but she be mai waifu...>.>)

That white haired dude you see next to me is Shiro. He'll be helping me out with my reviews. Lets hope he gets along with everyone... God knows I have a hell of a time trying to get the bastard to cooperate with me.

I'm a VERY new member here. Mike, Ruben, Akia, Mas, Elijah and Striker have been VERY nice and patient with me thus far. Hopefully I can live up to their expectations. I look forward to whatever you guys end up watching me do! Look forward to it!


  1. I cannot believe this garbage. Who gave you the right to speak on my behalf?!? By the way, your writing is horrible... People, please, do not associate me with him...


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