Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MAS's Rants in under 500 Words: DoA is Nintendo P.. just read

How it is going everyone? This is MAS, and here is my first article for the blog. Like everyone else, this will be a part of a series of rants. Whenever I do rants, I am going to call them, "Rants in Under 500 words." This is where I will rant on things that seem to be the biggest things discussed (in my opinion) and to quickly rant on (or summaries my thoughts) in under 500 words. It can range from Video Games, to News Articles and anything else I feel is important to discuss.

So what am I going to do my first rant on? Well, I want to keep things simple so let’s take things slow with Nintendo Porn!

*start the count!*

You would think that was something that was completely made up, but this is an actual title of an article in Australia: Nintendo Child Porn Game PG in Australia. For those who don't want to click the link, this picture should summarize the article nicely.

If you are turned on by these two girls, then you like underage women. That's right kiddies, Dead or Alive is considered Child Porn! Nice to know that Team Ninja promotes Pedophi-


My God, was I really about to do there!?! Seriously, why the hell does it seem that the whole wide world of video game controversies have something to do with Uwe Boll's slaughtering of video game adaptation, Jack Thompson's Crusade of Suing Video game companies in spite of being disbarred, or how Australia looks at video games!?! ((and don’t worry, my axe will stay sharp when I get to them later)) Normally for that last one, Australia would normally, A) Not allow a game to go into their country due to violence, or B) completely slaughter the game to a point that it turns the game into a complete pile. Here is a comparison video for those who don't know what I mean.

Oh yea, this is one of the many reasons why I'm glad to be in the US. Anyway, in case if you didn’t already know, this is the first DoA game on a Nintendo system. This is a pretty big feat for Nintendo since they are normally known for having more family friendly games (they do have M-Rated games too, but not as much as their competitors) and now (with the recent announcement of Ninja Gaiden 3, Darksiders 2 for Wii U and other recently announced violent games) have begun to satify the hardcore gamers, showing the nintendo is officially not afraid of going past the M-Rating now (I know this is T-Rated, but you get the idea.) However, due to apparently Australia giving this game a PG rating, several Nordic countries have cancelled the game due to how it violates Swedish child pornography laws. Yes, some of the girls are under 18, but then you might as well say that they are 16 and 17 if you are going to make that claim. They maybe underaged, but then they have been for about 10 years.

So where am I going with this topic? Well...

(caps) I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW!!! (/caps)

So I'll let you, the reader, decide. What should we be the most concerned about?

a) Australia's way of handling games?

b) Misexplanation and exaggeration of things shown in-game?

c) Nintendo taking the leap towards. "these kind of games"?

d) None of the above: pick your own argument to argue about

Leave a comment of what you think about this. I am MAS, and that was my Rant under 500 words…

Word Count: 476


  1. If liking Ayane makes me a Pedo then by golly I shall be a pedo.

    Also I choose (B)

  2. I choose D. I always choose D....

    I blame the manufacturers and marketers of this game just as much as the people who place these bans/limitations on the game. As far away from logic as the lawmakers may be, they're not lying. Dead or alive IS a game where 16 year old girls fight one another and the sexual nature of it is trumped up for entertainment value. Not a problem in Japan. Big problem in Australia. Eyebrow-raising fact of life in our neck of the woods.

    What the lawmakers are failing to understand is that while the fanservice is an element of the game, it's mostly a game about martial arts, and as far as I can tell, it's not a crime to see teenagers performing martial arts. For the first time, however, a country is calling out Japan on the dubious nature of the fanservice, which the whole world knows is there. There are a lot of examples of erotically charged and even pornographic games imported from Japan where the girls' ages are merely all raised to 18, and such a thing is suddenly no longer an issue.

    Australia is changing tactics here, though. Is that a good thing? Is it bad? Which culture's ideas should be preserved over the other? It's a hard question to answer, especially since we don't belong to either one.

  3. Well I personally CAN'T blame Nintendo because they aren't the ones that made the game, they are just allowing the game on their system.

  4. just b/c the story says they're 16 doesn't mean they look it. i've NEVER seen a 16/17ish girl in get-ups like those with tits like that!! those two look more like porn star, plastic surgery queens than an underage girl ...


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