Sunday, June 26, 2011

I've been Behind the scenes!

How is it going everyone? My name is Michael Solseth, or Mike Sol for short. I have been a co-producer/Running crew member on the Captain M Show since it started. While my fellow collogues have always been in front of the camera promoting the events around El Paso, I was more in the background helping behind the scenes since I didn’t really have as much of a good presence on screen as they did, so I was content with the idea of how they did all the work and I got to sit back and relax.

That used to be the case until recently when my boss decided to completely change how the show worked. Instead of the show focusing on him (and the events in and around El Paso), it will now focus on all cast and crew of the show. At first, I wasn’t really all for this idea since I’m the kind of guy who is more of a supporter of the leader than being a leader myself, but at the same time, if I ever have to step up, I have no problem to do so.

While the majority of my fellow staff members are all “anime-crazed Otakus” or Comic Book Geeks, I’m the one in the group that can be considered as a “Big Time Gamer”. What I mean about this is that I am more aware of games being released more than the rest of the staff and I play games to a much more extent than most of the cast put together. I have owned just about every home system except for the Genesis, Playstation, and the Playstation 3, so I have been around playing all sorts of games. While everyone’s role on Augmented Reality might bend in together with each other (or at least for what I was told so far), I will be approaching the show a little differently.

Each Week, I will see for doing one of five things; 1) discussing the biggest things in the world of Video Games: This includes released games, gaming news, and everything in between. 2) Have personal rants on topics I can think of; I already have several of these completed already so I might be able to make it work. 3) Showcasing miscellaneous videos and material that I’ve found on the internet (or youtube), and 4) Possible Let’s Plays depending on what I can play (don’t know if I will take requests… Need to check my budget). As for the 5th item I might consider is something of a personal hobby of mine: Writing. I got into writing back about two years ago and since then I find myself writing stories during my downtime. Currently I have three stories I have been thinking of and working on, and while I don’t want to say what the three stories are about (mainly due to each stories that is still well in development and some might still be collaborated works) I will be sharing them soon. I don’t have a specific schedule set for how I will organize all five ideas, but once I figure it out, I’ll be sure to update it.

I can’t say for certain what I will be contributing specifically since I want to see for trying a lot of new ideas out and even some collaborations with my fellow staff. I’m sure that this format should will work for now, but if it doesn’t, I’ll switch it around as I need to; I just want to make sure I keep this as simple as possible. I also can’t say for sure how everyone else will do their own segments and the last thing I want to do it to completely show them up (even though I doubt that is going to happen). Don’t know what I want to take out of this whole experience for Augmented Reality, but hey, it will be a fun ride from start to finish.

So from here going forward, consider me the “MASter Gamer” of Augmented Reality- MAS8705! If you have any suggestions as to how I approach my segments, you are more than welcome to leave comments. Other than that, I can’t wait to get started and show these guys how exactly to run this show!

((I’ll be sure to explain my user name at a later time))

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