Monday, October 10, 2011

I wouldn't want to live in No.6

During one of the anime seasons this year (I believe it was the summer one) I started a show called no.6; emphasis on the started because I did not get around to finishing it till recently. There's no real reason behind why I waited till recently to finish this show because I typically end up "dropping" 80%+ of the shows I start any given season because most are bland, not worth keeping up with or probably better in a marathon format. So ya! On to the review!!

image copyright goes out to BONES

I wasn't too sure at first if no.6 was based on a manga, or if the manga came out after the anime but through further research it appears the manga came out first. From what I could tell, the manga isn't very long... I don't even know if it's more than one volume BUT I have no plans on reading it because after watching the anime I realized even though the anime only had yaoi elements, the manga will probably have more >.> No thank you.

Studio- BONES
Director- Kenji Nagasaki

Series Information:
Year- 2011
# of Episodes- 11
Genre(s)-dystopia, future, post apocalyptic
Sion is a bright teenager living a comfortable and promising life inside No. 6, one of this six remaining city-states created by The Babylon Treaty after the last great war devastated the world. On the rainy evening of his twelfth birthday, he meets a savvy adolescent who calls himself "Nezumi" (Rat) and is desperately trying to runaway from the authorities. For helping a fugitive of the state, Sion is stripped of all his privileges. Four years later, they meet once again. For better or for worse, Sion is about to unravel the secrets guarded deep inside No. 6.

So, you want to know what I think about no.6? Well I ask you, will you be able to handle the truth? 'cause if you can't I'm not responsible for breaking your little anime loving heart. Not all anime series are good, some are just plain bad. This one isn't one of the "just plain bad" breed but it's not very good anyways.

no.6 had an exciting first episode, I'm not going to lie about that... yet when I watched episode 2 I decided screw this series, I'm going to spend my time on better anime such as Blood+ (dropped it a few more episodes in). Ya the second episode got more into the nit and gritty that this show would have in later episodes but that just wasn't enough for me. BONES animates really well, but I've come to the realization that even though I love BONES (they made RaXephon and several other favorite anime of mine) not everything they release is going to be good even though I expect it to.

This anime had a really interesting concept, despite being a concept that has been done so many times before. Get this, the concept is pretty much that if one group of people create this utopian world it's bound to be corrupt. no.6 is corrupt, and the way it gets torn down just isn't all that exciting. Other anime of this kind have had much better endings but this one just ended. It was an ok ending, and it did explain why everything that went down occurred but after watching this short 11 episode series I felt like I watched one of the blandest anime I had seen in a while.

Overall this one was well animated, characters did nothing for me, the story could have been so much better, the music was ok and my time was wasted. Don't even bother. If you're expecting a sci-fi spectacle like I was prepare for utter disappointment.

I might as well mention the best part of this show was the realization that killer bees were living and breeding inside the necks of no.6 residents. This isn't a horrific anime and this "bee disease" isn't explained to the extent it could have been. I personally don't think this show needed more than 11 episodes because anymore would have been too much 'cause there wasn't any tech lingo and the sci-fi concepts were so not out there.

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