Saturday, October 15, 2011

MAS is Back

*Walks out into the center of the ring and looks around at the cheering fans... After looking around for a good minute or two, he takes off his sunglasses and speaks into the microphone*

FINALLY!!! MAS8705 has come back to Augmented Reality!!!

*Tosses microphone off to side and he steps back into reality*

As much fun as it is to rip off the Rock's intro, I need to get serious here (or as serious as I can be when I do write in the blog)... For those of you who have no idea who the hell I am, I'm MAS8705, self-proclaimed "MASter-Gamer" of Augmented Reality and fellow contributor, or at least I was until about a month or so ago when school started... I admit that the start of the semester hasn't been too kind to me due to complications that have arisen, however I'm happy to announce that I have not only taken care of them (more or less) but I'm ready to get back into the swing of things providing all the ins and outs for all you gamers out there!

I admit that I will need to get caught back up to speed as to the upcoming events, and to get ready to help contributing more ideas that we hope the rest of you will enjoy... And don't worry, I plan on doing more of my 500 word rants and video showcases in the very near future, alongside showcasing my awesomeness...

In fact, Why don't I show off my awesomeness right now?

In the world of video gaming, there are alot of ways to show your greatness, such as achievements (TheMASterBlader-110k+ gamer score), completing games (there are way too many to count), or partaking in gaming tournaments (have placed in Top 16 and Top 32 in several fighting game tourneys around the El Paso/las cruces)... However, the greatest way to show your excellence is through the practice I like to call, Speed runs.

Have you ever seen Mario beaten in under 5 minutes?

If you ever wanted to see some of your favorite games get dismantled to a point where Hours on end games get beaten in a short time, look no further than speed runs... From Games beaten in three seconds, to RPGs being cleared in under a couple hours (FFX- 10 hours, Skies of Arcadia- 12 hours), any game that is any can be broken down if you have the devotion in it to succeed...

I am part of a site called Speed Demos Archive, and while I am the Rookie of SDA, I am slowly making a name for myself and will hopefully be seen as a big name as a bunch of other people on the site. However, much like many other things in life, you have to work hard and pay your dues before you can hit it big, and I have many lumps to prove it. Case and point, here is the speed run I have done that is actually featured on SDA:

Megaman Powered up: Fireman Run

Is the run the greatest speed run ever?


well no, of course not... But you have to start somewhere and work your way up... Anyway, the point is that in case if there maybe slow weeks, I might show off some of my gaming sessions, including speed runs on games that have yet to be featured yet... But again, we will find out how things will work... Again, I need to catch up with the crew, including meeting up with some of the new staff we have since my mysterious disappearance, but I hope I can get you guys to read and enjoy my articles again...

Until next time, I'm MAS8705 and in the words of the great frank Sinatra: the best has yet to come and you Ain't seen nothing yet!

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