Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Journey into Mystery #622-#628

Oh hey there little duckies Alex here and I will indulge you guys with a really good series that I particularly enjoyed. As many of you might hear from everyone (I am looking particularly at you Alicia) I am a big fan of Thor (my favorite Marvel character, everyone). And Journey into Mystery is a sort of continuation/tie in after Thor #621, so I decided why the hell not and began to read. Written by Kieron Gillen and amazing art by Dougie Braithwaite and Ulises Arreola, we start our review.

Back the fuck up! before we go into this any further you guys have to know a little about the past issues ; Loki sacrificed himself in order from keeping Asgard from being destroyed (by his own fault). After finding out about this, every Asgardian is relieved of this news except Thor. He misses his lil’ bro and decides to bring him back (Thor#616-617) Finds Loki’s reincarnated soul in the body of a street rat kid in France. Thor brings him back to Asgard to the dismay of the rest of the Aesir (Asgardians)

This part of the Thor saga continues after Thor#621. Now on to where Journey into Mystery begins issue #622 (and so far to issue #628), Loki is finding it hard to fit in with the rest of the Aesir with the whole “they think he is still super evil adult Loki”. With the exception of Thor who loves his brother. As I am sitting here listening to some Enslaved and reading Thor , I wonder to myself “Wow it can’t be any better than this” HOW WRONG I WAS it became so much better because of one reason

This magnificent bastard

Loki has been written to be mischievous but in the snaky/smartass/funny way. As the story progresses Journey into Mystery centers around Loki and how he tries to prove to Thor that he isn’t the same evil as fuck Loki as when he died. In one of these misadventures he speaks to an echo of his older self who tried to persuade kid Loki into being evil again where kid Loki was all “Get dat shit outta here”. For those who don‘t speak ugly it means he denounced his old evil ways. While reading these you see the shenanigans Loki gets into and begin to think he is back into his old self (“ANOTHER LIE I BET, DAMMIT LOKI” you will say).

When in turn Loki just throws a curveball at your face and you see he fixed like two things at the same time! “Loki what do you think you are doin- Oh DAYUM!” Was my reaction throughout most of these issues. Being a tie in for Fear Itself Loki finds out about the prophecy that “Thor will lose fighting against the Serpent” so Loki does what he does best…..He will try to stop that prophecy one way or another with a crazy plan. One of his insane ass plans has to do with tricking Mephisto and stopping a war between Hel and him just to distract them long enough to steal the shadow of Surtur’s sword?! What the shit?! Then he proceeds to steal the Destroyer armor and with a rag tag team consisting of Leah (consort to Hela), The Disir (Cursed undead soul eating Valkeryies) and the (also undead) god of war Tyr. Loki faces the Serpent head on and declares to “Come at me bro

And that is it for the time being, this is the terribly condensed version of those issues and we just have to wait till later on this month for issue #629 of Journey into Mystery (which I can’t wait for) and if interested I can do a review for that issue too. As far as these issues go, I think they are a great story and it shows a more human sentimental side to Thor and Loki that has rarely been touched. So I would definitely recommend for Thor fans and regular readers alike.


  1. Fuck ya, you thor fan person!

    Well Elijah keeps telling me i'm a fan of "bromolust" so maybe this is up my alley.

  2. If you really want Bromolust, you read Thor issues with Hercules in them. Now that's what i call a Bro story. Thor and loki is more of a actual brothers thing.


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