Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Interview with Frank 'N Con founder Salvador Arellano

This past September we asked a few questions of Salvador Arellano, co-owner of Bersal's Chop of Horrors movie memorabilia shop, and founder of Frank 'N Con 2011, which will be taking place this year at the El Paso Airport Wyndham Inn, Saturday and Sunday, October 29th and 30th.

AR: What first got you interested in horror?

Salvador: My dad opened up a video store when I was a kid and all the great vhs cover art from the 80's made me wanna watch them. I liked most of them .

AR: You've been to many horror conventions in other parts of the country. What elements of those conventions stands out for you and what experiences will you bring from there to El Paso?

Salvador: What makes a convention is the guest list. Other than that most conventions have the same formula with stylistic differences. We will have events going on after the convention floor closes both days we will show movies and music in the theater area of the hotel.

AR: Why do you think El Paso needs a horror convention?

Salvador: I'm just doing this show because I'm a big horror fan and this idea had been brewing for Five years

AR: How have your experiences been promoting the convention so far. Do you think the city has been supportive of the idea of Frank N Con?

Salvador: The convention has many people excited. I get a lot of requests for certain guests but first we've got to show there is a market for a horror conventions.

AR: What kind of response do you hope to get from the public?

Salvador: Hopefully I will get a good response and this becomes a yearly event.

For More information on Frank 'N Con, please visit the webpage:

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