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Akia's Computer Specs as of Feb 18, 2012 + OLD Video Log

I was trying to pass time at work today by thinking about what a good article for AugReal could be and it occurred to me I've never really shared my computer specs with y'all. I don't have a fantastic set-up right now as my PC has been blue screening since EP-Con 2011. Ruben was kind enough to say he'll try and fix it but he wasn't able to last week due to not having a proper sized CD for the operating system to be saved on so he'll prob do that some time in the next few days and possibly after that I'll post those specs.

This is an overall image of my set up.

Closer view of the main portion of the set up- my laptop.

I've had this laptop since June of 2009 so by June of this year my laptop will be turning 3 years old. It's age really is showing, but it has also aged a bit faster than it should because of the way I've treated it. I download anime almost all the time, I play online games even though this laptop is meant to be a "college" laptop made for writing papers, I use Photoshop, blog, just about everything you can think of even editing videos. I didn't even start using CCCP till about a year ago so the video quality wasn't up to par for the longest time. I even had the misfortune of stabbing the computer on accident with an eXacto knife while in the middle of building a Gundam >.< I forgot I had left the knife on the keyboard so when I closed the laptop for the night the screen got stabbed. It wasn't so bad at first; only the bottom right had any damage... then it spread up and then the left side started to look like it was bleeding. Around the time the right side damage was going on I bought an extra screen because watching anime, playing anything and even editing photos got hard with a bleeding screen. The screen I bought had been brand new and worked pretty well for the first few months then the power button stopped doing it's job so I would have to push it a billion times hoping it would eventually turn off or unplug from the power source =/ I'd been doing this up till yesterday when I decided to just use the screen that I would normally use with my Dell PC.

Image Hosted by
Laptop Brand:
Model: MD2614u
Operating System: Vista (upgraded to 7)
+optimized for 64bit
+upgraded to 7 when my mom had a copy she wasn't using
+it was the office version

Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3200
Processor: AMD Turio X2 Mobile
Memory: 3gb
Hard Disk: 320gb
Screen: 15.6-inch Ultrabright WXGA TFT (1366 x 768 resolution)
+ 5-in-1 card reader
+illuminated controls such as volume and a play button

~External Devices~
Keyboard: Logitech
Mouse: acer
Tablet: Bamboo FUN
External Hardrive: 2TB, 320g & another 320g

Image Hosted by

The screen I do most things on.

The games I play most right now are World of Warcraft (using a trial account -level cap is 21 if I remember right- but have plans to purchase a sub by the first week of March), s4 League, Fate/Stay Night and have plans to try out RIFT since it recently went F2P. Other than playing games I edit photos (by this I mean images I've drawn) using Photoshop Elements 6 and my Bamboo FUN tablet (not pictured anywhere 'cause I don't have it plugged in all the time), watch a lot of anime (more recently have been streaming on my Droid phone or watching online rather than downloading), read manga, Facebook, work on AugReal articles and more. I have plans to go back to video editing (probably bring back my Vlog series- check out the video below it's one of the sillier ones I made... bear in mind this was made 3 years ago. I didn't even have this laptop then) using Sony Vegas. If you'd like a full list of programs I use feel free to comment and I'll add 'em on another blog entry later down the line.

“For an AMD-based laptop, the entry-level Gateway MD2614u provides adequate everyday performance with a handful of extras we’d expect from more expensive systems.”
- (CNET Review, 2009)

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