Friday, February 17, 2012

[Anime of the Week] Papa no Ikukoto wo Kikinasai (2/12-18/2012)

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Papa no Ikukoto is currently airing on TV in Japan with 6 episodes out as I type this. At first I was really hesitant about watching this series because it was bound to be "moe bullshit" as my friend Elijah would say or full of too much fan service for my taste. I decided after my friend Ty told me about the concept in his own words I would give the series a try. Now bear in mind Ty is what I call a "Touhou,Moe & loli Fag" because he likes the three with an extreme passion... so trusting him on things moe, and loli for that matter is a very risky thing to do. BUT I ended up watching the 4 episodes that were out at the time and can't wait each week for the new episode :D <3 It's a fantastic series, well worth watching.

Sorry the below video isn't translated in English.

Runtime: 24 min/ep
# of episodes: ??
Type: Light Novel
Rating: All Ages
(nothing really objectionable... well other than a lecherous friend)
College student YĆ«ta Segawa is suddenly given custody of his older sister's three daughters, aged 14, 10, and 3. They're now stuck living together in a 10 square meter apartment. Meanwhile Raika, the object of his affection, has a fondness of cuteness, and his unexpected arrivals may finally offer an opportunity for them to get together.

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