Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ukraine never sounded so lovely

Voice of Steel

Little Duckies, today I bring an offering from the bowels of the most metal part itself. In this episode of “Bands that Alex likes on ice in 3-D” comes a complex, beautiful accomplishment from today’s band “Nokturnal Mortum”.



Hailing from the Ukraine, “Nokturnal Mortum” started out in humble beginnings….As a Black Metal band. So already having practice since 1994 makes this CD just bring in all of the different styles this band has to offer.


This album will just take you...By force

Beginning with an intro of a haunting horn dwelling into a traditional medley consisting of skin drums and what may or may not be bagpipes, the CD begins. Sounds of a blacksmith hard at work is audible at the very start of the second track “Voice of steel” accompanied with some of the heaviest drums/bass /guitar heard in a long while. Continuing on the amazing nine minute barrage of amazingness, that is only the beginning, pretty subtle compared to the rest of the album.


Or so you think

If you can even believe the Third track “Valkyrie” is even better. Begins so suddenly then slowly but surely condescends into slow, mellow melodies.

Onwards to my personal Favorite track from the album, “Ukraine”. No, it is not the national anthem….But it very well should be. This eight minute piece may very well have been plucked from the ear drum of an angel/demon (whichever is more metal to you). Combining beautiful chanting vocals amidst the very brash growls we have become very accustomed to, “Ukraine” just shines with a love for their country so high not even Hulk Hogan could stand up to it.


not even he can help us

While slowly fading out “Ukraine” becomes “My Dream Islands”, an eleven minute jam-out (or so it sounds that way) a slow descent into madness, a circus of different “experimental” sounds all jumbled into one great track.

We still have three tracks to go, BUT I REALLY want all the duckies from the interbutts to look for this album. It is that good. Every song on this album sounds completely different from each other. Even though all of the songs are in Ukrainian, you can feel the love, sweat, tears, and aspirations that this band wanted you to hear with “Voice of Steel”. Very fast paced and energetic sans the last two songs, “Voice of Steel” just does it right. In my opinion it is one of the most perfect albums out there, while it is my opinion I strongly urge you guys to listen to it.

Welp guys this album review was awesome, but alas I am late with this one as is. Time to work on another one lol. Until next time.

Before I go, I leave you with the majesty of Ukraine



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