Tuesday, March 20, 2012

dat Mass Effect anime

From The Floor: SXSW 12 - Mass Effect Teaser... by DM-Exclusives

I may have never finished a Mass Effect game (played a chunk of the first one) but anime adaptations of non-Japanese properties seem to have been getting fantastic treatment lately. Take a look at the Halo Legends anime if you want a good example of video game anime and all of the Marvel anime adaptations that came out recently (Wolverine, X-Men, Blade and Iron Man) if you want to see what different studios can do. Overall, there is not a worry in the world that this anime will please Mass Effect fans and well as fans of anime.

Nooooow, this may be some heart breaking news for fans of the game franchise but the anime is a side story... not an actual adaptation of the game. BUT don't fret because EA, FUNimation and Production IG are collaborating on this; all 3 are major companies. EA with the games, FUNimation one of the few anime dubbing companies that have continued to be around and Production IG which is one of the best anime studios in Japan considering they made Ghost in the Shell.

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  1. you don't like ghost in the shell?! i think motoko is the best female anime character of all time. maybe you're talking about ghost in the shell 2, now that one sucked! you going to summer con?

  2. LOL did you read? I said they are one of the best animation studios in Japan especially since they made GITS. I love both of the original movies, the 2 season anime and the Solid State Society movie.

    And yup, for sure going to SummerCon, in fact I have a press badge.


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