Thursday, March 29, 2012

[Drama of the Week] Koizora (3/25-31/2012)

Seto Koji. Seto Koji. Seto Koji.
That is all!

Ok ok, so I guess I'll post more than just "Seto Koji" (even though he's the reason I watched the drama rather than the movie version first). This drama is pretty heart warming and does drag just a little bit (most say the drama isn't the one to see but they movie... I like the drama because of Seto Koji being my favorite actor) but overall is a pretty good watch.

Runtime: 24 min/ep
# of episodes: 6 + movie
Type: Novel
Rating: Teen
Mika Tahara has just started high school and yearns to fall in love. However, to her dismay, a gal-like boy in her grade, Nozomu, acquires her cell phone number and begins to make frequent calls. When summer vacation starts, one day, Nozomu drunkenly phones her, but Hiro confiscates the phone and converses with her instead. Although Mika does not know who Hiro is, she feels at ease at the sound of his voice and the two befriend each other.

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