Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PES- Peace Eco Smile (Toyota x Studio 4C)

Japan dishes out some of the best marketing campaigns that I've ever seen, especially when Studio 4C is involved (you should check this drug awareness online add that doubles as a mini-adventure game while I'm telling you about Studio 4C. this add was a collaboration with France). They may have been extremely lazy when working on the recent Thunder Cats anime but their newest work, a collaboration with Toyota, is quite a breath taking experience. While it may not seem like a car commercial at first You have sleek animation 4C is known for with the edition of a well rendered 3D Toyota vehicle along with good music and characters that scream "you should have us be in an actual anime series!!". It's not like commericals have ever really been obvious as to what they're trying to sell you till the end of the commerical :P Check the video below to experience the add for yourself~~~

Oh and since you probably do not speak Japanese, here's the translation for the information contained in the info box on YouTube (thank you good ol' Google translate, but I've fixed the grammar so it makes more sense... or at least I fixed some... I just don't know how to fix the rest):

"Toyota Motor Corporation along with Studio 4C presents a new WEB promotion for 2012! "in the energy / person that loves to make people out there are always impressed", and: to expand the "PES Peace Eco Smile" "series. WEB this campaign, from (Thursday), published March 22, the PES Special Site. Within the site, in turn, to expand snow, the animated short film (3-4min). In the PES special site, you can report to the world, at any time approach, also occur in Japan in conjunction with planning the work world, the whereabouts of little love."

There's also an official site for the web campaign but at the moment it only has the above trailer. You have to scroll down to see it. BUT it says trailer one so it's possible this is only the first in a series of Studio 4C Toyota commercials for 2012. I hope for more :) Also if you're curious about Linkmore works by Studio 4C you can view their site in Japanese and English. Go check it out!

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