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[Manga of the Week] Eden (3/25-31/2012)

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Awww ya, this manga suits my taste to a T! Not only is it about robots, cyborgs and the like it's also about a medical virus that there is really no cure for (not really a spoiler as much as a fact stated in the first few volumes). AND there's some moral issues explored throughout this one. I've read the first 4 volumes so far and look forward to finishing when I get the chance!

I bring you as special video from a few years back that might help with you deciding to read this or not. I've been following this guy for a few years now... even from back when he was part of a group. Anyways, enjoy the review:

# of volumess: 18
Rating: Mature

The series begins with a long introduction, with the characters Ennoia and Hannah living a peaceful life on a remote and isolated island called Eden, with researcher Lane Morris, who is their guardian and a victim of the pandemic, the so-called "Closure Virus", who has killed 15% of mankind. The events that led to this situation are revealed in flashbacks, leading up to the return of Ennoia's father, along with the forces of the Propater Federation.

Following this, the story moves forwards twenty years, and focuses on Ennoia's son, Elijah, the main character, and his own conflict with the powerful and monopolistic Propater federation to save his sister, Mana Ballade, kidnapped by Propater when he was very young. She is being held to threat Ennoia Ballade, father of the two characters, who has become a powerful drug lord in south America, feared and despised by many, including, to an extent, his own family. During a terrorist attack, Elijah, at the time aged 15, is separated from his mother and his sister is kidnapped, along with his mother Hannah and now has to handle things on his own. Eden is about his coming-of-age as a man and trying to survive both bodily and morally in world that is too complex for mere "black and white". He encounters many other characters, both allies and enemies, all sharing the same struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic dystopian world.

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